Bollywood Stars We Wish Would Play These Archie Comic Characters In The Movie!

Bollywood Stars We Wish Would Play These Archie Comic Characters In The Movie!

It's no secret that Archie Comics has decided to bring the famous comic series to India. According to a leading international magazine, “Archie Comics and Graphic India have announced plans to develop a Bollywood-style live-action film based on the Archie Comics characters.”

Doesn't that sound exciting? For years we've watched from the sidelines as comic TV shows and now Riverdale, have shown various adaptations of the Archie comics. Well, it's finally our turn! Bollywood is all set to get its own version of Archie and here are the actors we think should play the lead roles.

Archie Andrews - Siddharth Malhotra 

01 archie andrews bollywood

A reverse version of Student Of The Year, where both Veronica and Betty are in love with Archie. Seems only fair to give Siddharth Malhotra the chance he deserves. 

Betty Cooper - Alia Bhatt

02 betty cooper bollywood

She's cute, bubbly and everything Betty. Alia Bhatt fits this role like a glove and we are all rooting for this miracle. 

Jughead Jones - Ali Fazal

03 jughead jones bollywood

Ali Fazal from Fukrey was the perfect and rare combination of fun and intellect. Which is what makes him so much like this hardcore foodie and Archie's best friend, Jughead Jones. 

Veronica Lodge - Jacqueline Fernandez

04 veronica lodge bollywood

A. Jacqueline looks drop dead gorgeous in bangs. B. She has the perfect flirtatious attitude to suit this role.

Cheryl Blossom - Sonam Kapoor

05 cheryl blossom bollywood

Cheryl is one bombshell with a kickass sense of fashion and so we present to you, Sonam Kapoor. This Bollywood actress has a sass that is impossible to hide and we love it.

Kevin Keller - Fawad Khan 

06 kevin keller bollywood

Fawad Khan played the role of a closet gay man to perfection in Kapoor And Sons, so let's leave it to the expert on this one.

Reggie Mantle - Varun Dhawan

07 reggie mantle bollywood

Reggie is a jock with a thing for practical jokes, doesn't that just scream Varun Dhawan? We think so too!

Moose Mason - Vidyut Jammwal

08 moose mason bollywood

They have the same intimidating built coupled with great hair, Vidyut may just be the perfect pick for this role. 

Chuck Clayton - Arunoday Singh

09 chuck clayton bollywood

We still swoon over his smoldering look from Aisha and his lack of Bollywood appearance since has landed him on this list. 

Mr. Weatherbee - Anupam Kher

10 mr weatherbee bollywood

Who can forget the last time Anupam Kher played a lovely professor in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai? It's time to bring him back. 

Hiram Lodge - Amitabh Bachchan

11 hiram lodge bollywood

Hiram Lodge gives us the Yash Raichand vibes and we are all for it!

Bring in the shehnais, Archie is coming to Bollywood.