After ‘Bol Na Aunty Aau Kya’, Can We Really Pin Our Hopes On The Millennials?

After ‘Bol Na Aunty Aau Kya’, Can We Really Pin Our Hopes On The Millennials?

As a generation, we love cringe-pop - a genre of pop music which is so bad that you can’t stop listening/ watching to it. From Taher Shah to Dhinchak Pooja to the latest craze Omprakash Mishra’s ‘Bol Na Aunty Aau Kya’, there is something inexplicably satisfying when you see adults embarrass themselves online in the name of art.

But what does it say about the generation where people decide to gather in the streets and scream out a song on the top of their lungs that, at its best, celebrates the culture of sexual harassment and misogyny? Furthermore, what does it say about them when they threaten a 24-year-old journalist with rape and harassment when she decides to call out the apparent ‘millennial song of the year’ for its inherent sexism and violence? Thankfully, YouTube did decide to pull down the video and we're so relieved!

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Deeksha Sharma, a journalist with The Quint, put out a video and an article requesting YouTube to pull down the video of the song ‘Bol Na Aunty Aau Kya’ by the rapper Omprakash Mishra. While YouTube did pull down the video, it wasn’t because of her request but because of a copyright issue. Nevertheless, the blame came on her and meme pages decided they needed to teach her a lesson and then proceeded to send her abusive and threatening messages on her personal Facebook profile and even on Whatsapp. While Deeksha has filed a complaint with both the Police and the Cybercell, it still goes to show that maybe we aren’t that close to creating safe spaces for women as we thought!

Here are some of the threats she received and a copy of the complaint!

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While this is a prime example of mob mentality, we want to ask the millennials what is it about the song that makes you so emotionally unbalanced that you need to react with this kind of violence and savagery. Our past and future generations have their hopes pinned on us and want us to be the agents of change. They want us to make a society in which women can feel safe and protected at all times but here we are, a bunch of neanderthals threatening a woman who dared to voice her opinion with ultimate show of power. Does that make you feel more like a man?

Also, coming to all the meme pages that have added fuel to the fire, shouldn’t you stand with her instead of against her? Is a meme-worthy video of more value to you than somebody’s life?

As for Deeksha Sharma, more power to you girl! We are proud of you and stand with you!