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It's All Love: Blogger Sonam Babani Talks About Her Viral Proposal & We're Swooning

It's All Love: Blogger Sonam Babani Talks About Her Viral Proposal & We're Swooning

Don't we all love a good proposal story? Whether it's one of the most romantic stories or a hilarious fail that's going viral, we want to hear them all. While some people go for grand gestures, some people like sweet and intimate proposals and some want it to be extraordinary. 

Plixxo Influencer, Sonam Babani (who goes by Fashioneiress on Instagram) recently got engaged after her boyfriend, Neil Sanghvi, proposed to her in the Maldives. He proposed her at a resort where they were vacationing and it went viral. Why, you ask? That's because Neil planned a proposal of a lifetime. He went down on his knee to propose Sonam and did it all near a pool that was filled with rose petals. Take a look:

The photos and video of the proposal went viral on social media with netizens going gaga over the aww-dorable moment

It was beautiful and a grand, romantic gesture. We've got the details for you. Neil, we have to say, you've done a fabulous job. We love!

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The vacay(yay)tion!

Talking about her awesome trip and the moment her fiance proposed her, Sonam said that it was the surprise she had always dreamed of. The trip to the Maldives was for her birthday and Neil wanted to take her diving. He even made her take an extensive diving course before they left. They spent the first three days of their beach vacay diving and snorkeling into the beautiful ocean. "It was so much fun but it was raining profusely. Neil was obviously freaking out a bit because he had an entire surprise planned and the weather just wasn't cooperating. We actually prayed for sunny days," said Sonam. And guess what? The Gods were with this gorgeous couple and finally blessed them with sunny mornings!

The parents arrive

Neil and Sonam were excited that his family was joining them thereafter and moved to another resort to spend her birthday together. Together they dined, fed sharks, cut her birthday cake and celebrated an important milestone together. 

The Surprise

The next day was bright and sunny but the family had no plans as such. Neil then suggested that they take a boat ride and do a nice photo shoot. He even insisted that she dresses up so that they can click great pictures together.

"I packed my sunscreen, sunnies and little knickknacks for a three-hour-long boat ride. We got into the hotel buggy and were walking towards the destination. On reaching the pool deck, I  realised that there wasn't any boat, instead, there was a pool of roses with the words 'will you marry me?" revealed Sonam.


It was a collective moment of happiness

That wasn't the only surprise. Her family along with Neil's were also there at the resort,  partaking in their happy moment. Her parents were on a trip to Punjab, Neil asked them to cut it short and fly down to the Maldives to be with them for this special day.

Watch the entire video here:

Okay, I'm not going to lie but I did shed one teeny tiny tear when I watched this.

We got on a call with Sonam Babani to congratulate her and to get some more details for you guys. When asked what she would plan for him, Sonam said, "Well, I'm a perfectionist so I'd want it to be absolutely perfect. I think it would still be in the Maldives because it's one of his favourite places but because he's already done it there maybe it would be in a ski resort in the Alps. We'd be on a helicopter ride and I'd have written the words on the snow. I'd definitely get a classic, gold band for him." *so romantic*

Just like any other bride-to-be, Sonam also has these three things on her shaadi wishlist -- a gorgeous backdrop, a really intimate wedding, and the perfect dress. And it's going to be a destination wedding for her, sometime between April and November next year and the couple is still contemplating between Europe, Turkey, and the Maldives. "I am even okay doing a court wedding but it shouldn't be like an awards function," adds Sonam.

Congratulations Sonam and Neil, you guys make a super cute couple. We wish you all the happiness in the world.

Featured Image: Instagram

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