From *Gossip Girl* To *Girl Boss*: Blake Lively's Pantsuits Are Giving Us Life!

From *Gossip Girl* To *Girl Boss*: Blake Lively's Pantsuits Are Giving Us Life!

Remember the rebellious, rich teenager with the enviable closet we've known Blake Lively as? Serena Van Der Woodsen from Gossip Girl was the fashionista we'd always strived to be. With the edgy dresses, killer boots and holier-than-thou bags, even when Serena was depressed... at least she was best-dressed. 

And while we have loved Blake Lively as Serena, we're loving and LIVING for her 'A Simple Favour' getup. The birthday girl has been celebrating womanhood like a boss in a series of pantsuits for the Hollywood film's promotions and looking like a piece of art the whole time.

Today's the day we thank God for her. And the pantsuits that she does immense justice to. No hitches, pure fashion. From vintage pinstripes to neon 2.0, here are all the pantsuits that seem like they were made just for our favourite and the most fashionable 30-year-old ever, Blake Lively -

1. Plaid suit by Roland Mouret

1 roland mouret blake lively pantsuits

2. Psychedelic print short-suit by Bottega Veneta

2 bottega veneta blake lively pantsuits

3. Neon yellow suit by Versace

3 versace blake lively pantsuits

4. Double-breasted Ralph Lauren suit with overcoat

4 ralph lauren blake lively pantsuits

5. Brunello Cuccinelli suit at the VMAs

5 brunello cucinelli blake lively pantsuits

6. Zimmermann jumpsuit-suit over lace shirt

6 zimmermann blake lively pantsuits

7. Frayed hem denim suit by Vivienne Westwood

7 vivienne westwood blake lively pantsuits

8. Shirtless corduroy blazer suit by Brunello Cuccinelli  

8 brunello cucinelli blake lively pantsuits

9. Ralph & Russo all-white pantsuit at the VMAs red carpet

9 ralph and russo blake lively pantsuits

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