Here's Why Blackberry Hair Is The Coolest Hair Trend Of The Season

Here's Why Blackberry Hair Is The Coolest Hair Trend Of The Season

Good God, I'm in love with Megan Schipani's IG feed. It's so colourful and bright, I want to cry! Her posts are like a visual treat to my eyes! Known for playing with vibrant hair colours like pinks, yellows, greens and orange, she's tapped into a new creative space this time - BLACKBERRY!

Named after something sweet and delicious, this hair colour is quite different from her other creations. It's deep, dark and has a slight tint of blue! For brunettes and women with jet-black hair, this colour is perfect for them! How it's done? Well, only a few selected strands are lightened using a balayage technique and then, they're covered with purple. Hints of blue are also visible. 

The best part is that the colour is not really high maintenance. Anyone can take care of it and pull it off. It works with every skin tone and requires regular cold rinses. 

When a trend looks this delicious, it's bound to go viral on IG!


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Hair that looks so yum!


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Blackberry is clearly new the colour on the block.

Stop staring at the screen already and give your mane a makeover!

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