Bigg Boss Season 12 Weekend Ka Vaar: Four Contestants Got Eliminated Last Week!

Bigg Boss Season 12 Weekend Ka Vaar: Four Contestants Got Eliminated Last Week!

Bigg Boss Season 12 is now on to its third week, and it's safe to say that no one has been hit or punched in the face. The week saw the insane 'Samudhri Lutere' task and Sreesanth's attempts to leave the house twice. I eagerly waited for Salman Khan to come on the weekend and give us some gyaan that we call Salman-ism. I wasn't disappointed last night with his appearance.

In case you missed Bigg Boss Weekend Ka Vaar, here are the written updates and my thoughts on everything that went down.

1. Ayushmann Khurrana in da house!

2. What’s with Salman's overexcited tone?

3. The contestants are now being told to stand according to their ranking. 

4. Dipika is out of the ranking. So sad!

5. Salman sounds like everyone's father. Disappointed it seems...

6. Salman's overexcited tone is annoying. Can you talk normally please?

7. Salman, DO NOT sing, please!

8. The commoners are fighting!

9. Conclusion: Everyone thinks ghar ke kaamo meh Deepak is participating minimally. Not giving his best.

10. Salman Khan takes a guest caller on the phone. Salman mistakes the guy called for a girl. Oops! 

11. The guest caller asks Sreesanth, "When your team was getting tortured, you couldn't see the horror. But when your team's chance came, you were strategising on how to make them give up. Why such double standards?" 

12. Sree says he wanted to be a little easy on the girls. Woah, woah what? Salman explains gender equality to Sreesanth. 

13. Salman asks Sreesanth if he’s ever played with the women's cricket team, will you let them win? Sreesanth says there’s no way the girls will make even 50 points. Wtf! 

14. Salman shows statistics that girls have won many seasons of Bigg Boss and asks the guys to treat them equally.

15. Romil bhaiya is made to be the gunehgaar of the house (criminal) by everyone.

16. Salman talks about the most important thing: Who’s getting eliminated today in double eviction?

17. Does Salman really think he has another career in singing?

18. Kriti and Roshni have been eliminated. Wow, that was shocking. Weren’t they the captains?

19. Okay, hold on! There is another elimination tomorrow!

20. Wow, Deepak sings... who is beatboxing at the background though?

21. Payback time... Karan smashes a cupcake in Shivashish's face.

22. Celebrity guest Karan Patel comes inside the house. Now they’re all playing this donating game, where someone has to donate a quality to the other. Interesting...

25. Anup ji gets the quality to try to be more daring by Deepak. Hahahahaha!

26. Sree is the centre of attention again.

27. Stars of LoveYatri managed to make it to Lonavala with Sallu Bhai.

28. Salman's leaving no chance to promote his brother-in-law Ayush.

29. Cute, puppies. Yesssss! This is what Bigg Boss house needs!

30. Who’s getting eliminated?

31. Romil and Nirmal. Are they just eliminating the commoners? That’s sad, no more fights.

32. Woah, they’re getting a second chance. Wow.

33. Nirmal sacrifices himself and lets Romit goes inside. Awwww. Romil stays...

34. Sreesanth looks like he’s the leader now. Not for long 'coz tomorrow Romil is back in the house.

For all you Sallu Bhai fans, we've got something special. All the Salman-isms that you would 

1. Kamaal ka galat galat pakadte ho! 

2. To Karanvir Vohra: Aadmi ki chaati (chest) hoti hai. Ye aapki chaati nahi chaata hai... 

3. Ladka ladki wala angle hai na... everyone’s equal (applaud for Salman bhai).

4. Harr action ko reaction milta bhi hai...

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