Bigg Boss Season 12: Weekend Ka Vaar Moments And Salman-isms We're Rooting For!

Bigg Boss Season 12: Weekend Ka Vaar Moments And Salman-isms We're Rooting For!

Bigg Boss Season 12 has had an entertaining week. With contestants standing up for each other to incessantly yelling at each other, the first seven days in the house were rather interesting.

We saw Sreesanth lose his cool and abuse two contestants, Kriti and Roshmi become the first captains of the house, and Karanvir, Romil and Nirmal go to jail. 

I  have patiently waited for the weekend to watch Weekend Ka Vaar where Salman Khan roasts the contestants, punishes them for all the mistakes they committed during the week and most importantly, and makes the announcement all the viewers are waiting for, who will get evicted from the house. 

This season's Weekend Ka Vaar had some unexpected surprises. In case you missed it, we have the highlights for you. Here are some thoughts I had while watching Salman Khan have fun with the contestants his way.

1. Salman is singing? Can he spare us the horror?

2. He’s still mocking Anup and Jasleen? Grow up!

3. Dabangg Dibang? He’s got no other job?

4. Srishty has been accused of bitching about Anup and Jasleen.

5. Salman is taking Srishty’s case.

6. Srishty is not comfortable with Jasleen.

7. Salman was kidding. Oh, God. Srishty is crying now.

8. Karanvir, Romil, and Nirmal have been asked to come out of the jail. Yay!

9. Salman wants Deepak to give a bulletin on the week’s happening in English. This should be fun.

10. Deepak killed it!

11. Anup is singing.

12. Inmates think Saba is the biggest defaulter. I couldn't be happier.

13. Sreesanth is being questioned for using the word 'upbringing'.

14. Saba is crying. Why is everyone always crying?

15. Salman is explaining what BB Press Conference was all about. Looks like the contestants never understood the task.

16. Dipika and Srishty are safe! Why Srishty?

17. Sreesanth is crying because Salman mocked him.

18. Salman is giving gyaan.

19. Salman is having Appy Fizz while the contestants are talking to him. So random?

20. Appy Fizz caller of the week feels that the jodis are listening to Karanvir.

21. Inmates think Anup is a defaulter for being unfair during the captaincy task and now he’s been sent to a torture room.

22. Wow! He had karela juice as punishment. He’s such a sport!

23. Enter Varun Dhawan! Woohoo!

24. Varun wants Anup and Jasleen to sing Saturday Saturday while Shivashish and Kriti shake a leg to it. I'm dying of laughter.

25. Time for ‘Made in India’ task. The teams have to make pillows and get the quality check done by Varun.

26. Dipika is super angry.

27. Srishty is crying! Really? She has some really odd timing.

28. Jodis have won the task. They deserved it.

29. Sreesanth has been crowned as the worst performer and he’s gotten the top ki salaami. I can't see this. 

30. Salman just changed his jacket. Why is he so random?

31. Salman wants Karanvir, Romil, and Nirmal to go back to the jail.

32. And he’s sipping Appy Fizz.

33. Sultani Akhada task is happening between Dipika and Srishty and Khan sisters. I hope the singles win.

34. Dipika and Srishty have won it. I’m so happy.

35. The prize for them is that they’re exempted from doing any work at home until next captaincy. Lucky women!

36. And there will be NO eviction this week. WHAT? I waited for an entire week for this. Such a waste!

37. Deepak is instigating all jodis against the singles. I don't like him anymore.

38. Jasleen is not convinced with Deepak’s strategy. Good girl!

39. Urvashi is crying. I’m wondering why.

40. Karanvir, Romil, and Nirmal have been released from jail by Bigg Boss. Hurray!

41. Urvashi has snapped at Somi because she feels that Somi cheated in the ‘Made in India’ task. Somi is a cheater, she is a cheater. CHEATER!

42. Somi is retaliating. Oh god! This is turning ugly.

43. Urvashi is yelling at Somi for playing unfairly. And Dipika is dancing.

For all Salman Bhai fans, we have something fun for you. He said some funny and some thoughtful things during Weekend Ka Vaar. Read on to know these Salman-isms!

1. "Shivashish, you are the English speaking body builder jiski English duniya ko samajh nahi aa rahi."

2. "Karanvir overacting ki dukaan."

3. "Yeh policewaala aur lawyer jail main hain. Wow!"

4. "Isse badiya show nahi hai."

5. "Shivashish kapde bahut tight pehenta hai. Saans kaise aati hai bhai?"

6. "Sreesanth you need to toughen yourself."

7. "Romil, band waale aapki band bajaaenge."

8. "Balidaan dena theek hai but bina common sense ke bewakoofi hai." 

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