Bigg Boss Season 12 Weekend Ka Vaar: Gharwale Meet Their Family Members

Bigg Boss Season 12 Weekend Ka Vaar: Gharwale Meet Their Family Members

Bigg Boss Season 12 is on its fifth week and it has been more controversial than any season combined. With last night's elimination that took everyone by surprise, we also witnessed Romil facing off against Sreesanth in the Sultani Akhada, a task that the two nominees had to perform. Along with that some of the contestants received messages from their family members and some even appeared on the show.

And of course, with Salman Khan, there had to be much more drama and fun. So, in case you didn't tune in for Weekend Ka Vaar, here are the highlights and the thoughts for you!

1. Surbhi really needs help!

2. Why are they talking about the treadmill? All I hear is a treadmill...

3. Salman's Hinglish is amazing!

4. This is probably the first time I’m saying this but Sreesanth needs Hindi lessons.

5. Everyone’s muttering. I don’t understand anything.

6. Salman is awfully quiet today. I think he’s sick of them too. Or is he enjoying the drama?

7. Srishty is safe. Phew!

8. Poor Romil. Has to take Surbhi’s place in the torture chamber because she’s vegetarian :/

9. Okay, no one got eliminated today. Let’s wait for tomorrow.

10. Awww... Karan gets a message from wife and kids. He be crying now :(

11. All the gharwalas loved ones are sitting outside with Salman.

12. Sreesanth’s wifey is defending him like a boss. She’s saying he’s super emotional and doesn’t intend to plot any scheme.

13. I guess now I understand Sreesanth's irrational behaviour :p

14. What kinda game is this. Sultani Akadha, it seems.

15. Wow, they’re not even a tiny bit aggressive in the game. Come on boys, where's the energy?

16. Omg! Saba is safe. Whyyyyyyy???

17. Now, let’s see who’s getting beghar?

18. Jasleen is safe too. Aghhh! So, it’s either Sourabh or Urvashi.

19. Two wildcard entries today. Woah! More people more drama.

20. Sourabh gets evicted! Oh no. That was unexpected.

21. Dipika and Sreesanth are now arguing. Weren't these two friends yesterday?

22. Two new people will enter the Bigg Boss house. Can’t wait to see who they are tomorrow.

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