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Bigg Boss Season 12 Weekend Ka Vaar Episodes 61 & 62: Anup Ji Meets Jasleen

Bigg Boss Season 12 Weekend Ka Vaar Episodes 61 & 62: Anup Ji Meets Jasleen

With so many new shows airing on television these days, it's hard to keep up with what's happening in all of them. But when it comes to Bigg Boss, you just sit back and relax 'coz we've got you covered. This Weekend Ka Vaar was brought in many guests and surprises.

On the drama and fight front, we could say the situation was a bit low-key but the other things added so much masala. Farah Khan entered the house and the episode turned into a laughter fest.

Read to know what happened in Bigg Boss Season 12, Weekend Ka Vaar Episodes 61 & 62.

1. Salman Confronted The Contestants

Salman had a talk with everyone about nomination and Romil explained that he wasn’t surprised to see that Dipika was nominated. Salman also questioned Karanvir about his decision when he punished Sreesanth. Sreesanth, on the other hand, said that he was not angry with Karanvir. Salman also told Karanvir that his wife had sent a letter to Bigg Boss stating that Salman tends to insult her husband. Karanvir said he is embarrassed about this. He later said that he actually likes Salman’s pranks and that he has never taken any offence to any of it and apologised to Salman.

2. Salman Surprised Jasleen With Anup Ji

Salman told Jasleen that there is a surprise waiting for her in the Khaas room. Anup Ji was sitting there waiting and she got super excited when she saw him. Salman then asked Anup Ji what is the status of his relationship with Jasleen and he clarified that he has never had any romantic feelings for her. In the coming episodes, we'll surely find out how Jasleen reacts to this.

3. Shivashish Got Eliminated From The House

It was time to deal with the issue of the behaviour of the contestants, especially Shivashish's. Salman was upset with his behaviour in the house lately and also said how he is disappointed as the gharwale never follow the rules during the tasks. Salman told Shivashish that he has insulted Bigg Boss and he will have to face the outcome, which means he has to leave the house.

4. Farah Khan Made An Entry

Salman welcomed Farah Khan on stage. Farah said she has noticed a lot of things about the contestants of the show. She said Dipika is nothing less than Meena Kumari. She then jumped onto Sreesanth and brought out his drama of leaving the house. Deepak was praised by Farah and she said that he's the most active person in the house.

5. Farah Entered The House & Introduced A Task

Farah entered the Bigg Boss ka ghar and asked Somi and Deepak to perform on the song, Gerua. When Deepak failed to perform with Somi Khan, he performed with Rohit, leaving the housemates in splits. Farah then invited Romil and Srishty to continue the talk show. Romil became the host and Srishty mimicked Dipika. Romil and Srishty talked about Dipika’s relationship with Sreesanth and her husband Shoaib and referred to them as Bhaiyya and Saiyya. 

6. Sreesanth's Lips Were Zipped

Romil was given the punishment of polishing shoes and Sreesanth’s lips were zipped as his task was to hear out people’s complaints and just stay quiet. Jasleen received a bhookkad title and was made to drink karela juice. 

7. Farah Offered Five Lakhs To Deepak

Farah offered to give Rs 5 lakh to Deepak Thakur but she also told him that the amount will be deducted from the prize money later. However, soon she revealed that there is nothing but sweets in the box. Rohit Suchanti got ‘lust’ as his title and was told that he sought attention from his co-contestants. Farah pulled Surbhi's leg and told her that she drools after Rohit.

8. Salman Praised Somi & Saba's Mother

Salman got on a video call with Somi's family and talked to her mother about the show. Somi's mother later revealed that all the broken ties in their life have been revived because of Bigg Boss. Salman then appreciated Somi and Saba’s mother for bringing up three girls on her own, without any support. And finally, Salman told everyone that there are no eliminations this week, so everyone can relax, for now.

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