Bigg Boss Season 12: 15 Thoughts I Had While Watching Episode 8

Bigg Boss Season 12: 15 Thoughts I Had While Watching Episode 8

Bigg Boss Season 12 has just entered its second week and the drama and the fights have started in a full swing! Picking up from last week, where no one was evicted, this week began with fresh nominations and a possible eviction at the end of the week. 

Although the Khan sisters took over this episode, the most interesting part of the show was the weird witch-crafty way they did the nominations! Know more with some of the thoughts I had while watching Bigg Boss Season 12 Episode 8. Here we go!

1. Everyone woke up to Tip Tip Barsa Paani, wow their playlist is totally weather-appropriate (for us Delhiites at least).

2. Ooh, they're fighting for food. Well, this is the Bigg Boss house. Let the food fight begin!

3. Karanvir Bohra is trimming Deepak's hair with Sreesanth. Um... why?

4. Well, the women are complaining about Dipika! 

5. What the heck are these people doing? Why is this show so noisy! 

6. Nomination begins! Okay, the truth comes out now. Who is a real friend, we shall know.

7. What’s with the drowning plastic bottle in the water while nominating? 

8. Dipika seems like the most sensible one in this house, FOR NOW!

9. Oh, that bottle like object was a candle! They are picking up single candles for a contestant and a twin candle for jodis, and putting them in that big kadhai. Who thinks of all this?

10. Sreesanth got nominated for his anger issues. Haha! He better watch out for his reputation here at least.

11. I’m getting bored now!

12. Everyone’s nominating Dipika, telling her that she’s nice and that she might be a threat. Eh! Kya hai ye?

13. Ooh, Kriti! You’re in Bigg trouble for talking about nominations with Bohra.

14. Omg! These Khan sisters are annoying and loud.

15. Okay, tomorrow seems like it’s gonna be more interesting. The task will break some friendships and make some contestants really mad. Can't wait for it!

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