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Bigg Boss Season 12 Episode 60: Surbhi Says 'Mein Bhartiya Ladki Hoon Aur Mein Gaali Deti Hoon'

Bigg Boss Season 12 Episode 60: Surbhi Says 'Mein Bhartiya Ladki Hoon Aur Mein Gaali Deti Hoon'

The 60th episode of Bigg Boss Season 12 aired last night and the stress of being locked up in a house is totally showing in the contestants behaviour. Last night's episode was a foul language fest, and we bet the makers of the show had a hard time censoring it all. Surbhi hurled abuses at everyone including Bigg Boss himself and broke a lot of rules when she was asked to go to jail. 

Read on to know more about Bigg Boss Season 12, Episode 60.

Rohit Apologised To Srishty

Rohit wrote a sorry note to Srishty after they had an argument. He wrote, "You can't be mad at me for too long I know that." Srishty found the gesture super cute and accepted his apology.

Romil Sent Megha To Jail

Bigg Boss asked Romil to send three people to kaalkothri. He discussed with the housemates and decided to send Megha to the jail. Obviously, she was annoyed. The second contestant to be asked to go to jail was Surbhi, who lost her calm and threatened to damage house property. 

Surbhi Started A Foul Language Fest

Romil told Surbhi that "You've ruined the atmosphere in the house with your foul language and by abusing people." Surbhi retaliated by saying that "If that is so then all the 11 Seasons of the show should be deleted because everyone abuses." Right after their conversation ended, Surbhi started screaming and hurling abuses in the air (to no one in particular) just to prove her point, that she has the right to say and do whatever she wants to.

Bigg Boss Told The Gharwale To Listen To The Captain's Orders

Surbhi broke started to speak in English and Bigg Boss had to step in and remind her of the house rules. He later asked housemates to listen to the captain's orders. Romil then asked Shivashish to go to jail but he refused. Bigg Boss warned Shivashish to follow the orders or else the entire house would be punished.   

Everyone was angry with Shivashish

The gharwale got really annoyed at Shivashish and they were unable to deal with his careless attitude. Sreesanth tried to calm him down and everyone got annoyed with Sreesanth too for supporting Shivashish. 

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