Bigg Boss Season 12 Episode 49: Shivashish Tries To Escape The House

Bigg Boss Season 12 Episode 49: Shivashish Tries To Escape The House

Bigg Boss Season 12 has stepped into its 8th week now, and the drama quotient has increased exponentially. In last night's episode, we saw another contestant trying to escape the house and no, it wasn't Sreesanth this time. It was Shivashish who decided he just couldn't do it anymore. Sreesanth finally got his revenge and nominated seven of them for elimination this week. 

Missed the entertainment last night? Catch up with these highlights from Bigg Boss Season 12 Episode 49.

1. Somi Confronted Deepak

Somi got upset with Deepak after he said, "Bahut logon ka popat bann jata hai iss ghar mein." Somi felt that it was directed towards her. Surbhi tried to calm both of them down and became the mediator. Later, Jasleen and Shivashish also got into an argument while doing the dishes in the kitchen.

2. Shivashish Tried To Escape!

After their fight, while cleaning dishes, Jasleen and Shivashish talked. Shiv told Jasleen that he wasn't feeling comfortable in the house. Soon after that, Shiv told Bigg Boss that he wants to meet a psychiatrist. He repeated his request three times and when his wish wasn't fulfilled, he climbed up the gates and tried to escape. The gharwalas saw him, brought him down, and finally convinced him not to leave.

3. Deepak Accused Shivashish Of Creating A Scene

When everyone was trying to calm Shivashish down and bring him back to the house, Deepak started saying that Shiv is just creating a scene. Sreesanth came to the rescue and took Shivashish aside to tell him that running is not the solution to your problem. Shiv told Sree that he feels lonely in the house and people insult him. At the end, he finally relented and went back inside.

4. Surbhi Tried To Instigate Jasleen 

Deepak, Surbhi, Somi and Jasleen were singing songs when Surbhi brought up Jasleen's relationship with Anup Ji. She said that their relationship was against nature. This irritated Jasleen but she took it lightly and let it go. Then Surbhi instigated Jasleen again and told her, "You're not a celeb, you've just been in the industry for three years." Jasleen ignored her.

5. Sreesanth Nominated Seven Contestants

This week, Bigg Boss gave the power to Sreesanth to nominate anyone in the house. He nominated Somi, Rohit (for being flaky), Jasleen (saying she is a strong contender), Karanvir (for not performing well), Deepak (because he's never been nominated), Surbhi (again, for being a strong contender) and last but not the least, Romil. In all, seven contestants were nominated for eliminations and Sree got his revenge on everyone.

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