Bigg Boss Season 12 Episode 47: Sreesanth Sends Karanvir To Jail

Bigg Boss Season 12 Episode 47: Sreesanth Sends Karanvir To Jail

Bigg Boss Season 12 is filled with drama - from the fights to the complicated tasks, this season is a roller coaster ride and we can't just get enough of it. Last night's episode was a bit of a twist, as Sreesanth sent Karanvir to the jail and saved Deepak. Srishty and Rohit get into the groove and danced on a romantic beat. 

Is there a possible of a new couple in the house? Well, if you missed all of this last night, here are the highlights of Bigg Boss Season 12 Episode 47.

Somi Cried (For The First Time?) 

Somi started shedding tears because Rohit called her a liar. While Romil made fun of the situation and jokingly yelled at Rohit and said, "Tumne aise kaise boldiya?" Somi later spoke to Romil about this and Romil told her that she's taking things too seriously and she needs to chill. 

Surbhi And Megha Got Into A Heated Argument

Megha took Surbhi's name and nominated her to go into the jail this week - the reason she gave was she is always disrespecting her. Megha called her out to be two-faced for making fun of her for winning the Marathi Bigg Boss. Surbhi got up from her seat all angry and walked towards Megha, then the other contestants came and stopped both of them from doing something worse. 

Sreesanth Saved Deepak And Sent Karanvir To Jail

Apart from Karanvir, Bigg Boss sent Megha and Rohit to the jail. Surbhi and Deepak laughed crazily and made fun of all the people who were locked up. Karanvir sadly sat outside the jail and then Dipika argued with Sreesanth, asking him why he did this. Later, Surbhi and Dipika started arguing as well, Dipika stood up and fought for her friend, Karanvir. Dipika said, "We always stood by you and you betrayed us".

Romance In The House

Dipika announced the day's task, where Srishty, Jasleen and Somi had to dress up for Rohit and tell him why they're better than the other girls. Rohit had to choose one of them. Rohit was head over heels for Srishty and asked her if they can dance tonight. Somi tried to sweep Rohit off his feet with her sweet talk. But Rohit decided that Srishty to be the winner of the task and gave her the gift (makeup kit). 

Rohit And Srishty's Romantic Dance Performance

Bigg Boss played a romantic song for both Rohit and Srishty. Do we see a possible new couple in the Bigg Boss house? Srishty was blushing while dancing with him. Srishty later spoke to Somi and told her not to say things about her and Rohit that are totally out of context because they're just friends and that's why he chose her. Srishty is scared that her boyfriend, Manish, will think she's doing something wrong.

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