Bigg Boss Season 12 Episode 46: Diwali Mela Brings A Dhamaka Performance

Bigg Boss Season 12 Episode 46: Diwali Mela Brings A Dhamaka Performance

The last episode of Bigg Boss Season 12 saw Vikas Gupta and Shilpa Shinde in the house for the Diwali task. It later took an ugly turn when Sreesanth picked fights with Karanvir Bohra and Vikas Gupta. In this festive special episode, there was a Diwali mela, where TV celebrities made an appearance and added had some dhamaal with the contestants!

In case you missed last night's dhamaka performance, here are the highlights from Bigg Boss Season 12 Episode 46.

The Captaincy Drama Continued

The contestants argued continuously for 10-15 minutes about who they wanted as their next captain. Jasleen voiced out her feelings of never being able to become a captain, so did Sree. Deepak yelled, 'Sree Bhai' as his nomination for the captaincy. Everyone wanted Jasleen and Sreesanth, apart from Surbhi, but she changed her stance later and supported Sree.

Srishty Announced The Captaincy Nominees

Everyone happily agreed on Sreesanth and Jasleen being the nominees for the captaincy task. Srishty told Bigg Boss about her decision and Bigg Boss announced that the two will compete against each other and then the captain of the house will be decided. Deepak's captaincy got over and everyone applauded, "Ab achche din aa gaye hain." 

Diwali Mela In The House

Bigg Boss organised a Diwali Mela in the house and celebrity guests Sana Khan and Sapna Choudhary made things more special for the contestants. There were crackers, clothes stalls and a dhamakedaar performance by Sapna Choudhary. Sana Khan sold clothes at the stalls. Prices started at Rs 5,000 and everyone had to bargain with Sana to bring the price down to buy clothes from her. Sana gave a gift to Urvashi because she found her cute. 

Karanvir made the announcement about the performance in the garden area at night, but the contestants had to buy tickets to attend the event. There are only two gold tickets for the front row seats, while the rest of them were to sit on the floor. Karan went crazy during the performance, and so did everyone else, but Romil didn't seem to be enjoying anything. 

Sreesanth Is The New Captain

Sreesanth's nemesis Surbhi also voted for Sreesanth and it was the highlight of the episode! Sree ended the day with a speech. 

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