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Bigg Boss Season 12 Episode 32: All The Gharwale's Secrets Are Out!

Bigg Boss Season 12 Episode 32: All The Gharwale's Secrets Are Out!

This week, things have been quite interesting in the Bigg Boss house. From Anup Ji and Sreesanth entering the house to the intense luxury budget tasks. But, yesterday’s episode really seemed like Bigg Boss can take it one step further.

In case you missed out on all the heated arguments and accusations. Don’t worry cause we bring you some of the highlights and thoughts from last nights episode.

1. Sreesanth apologised to Deepak. Wow!

2. Deepak cried, awwww! The two hugged it out. Bromance goals, if you ask us.

3. Sreesanth then cried in the bathroom! But the problems were fixed. What happened?

4. Dipika went to console him. He said, “No one here is playing a fair game”. Did anyone give him a brief about the show before he got here?

5. Anup Ji and Jasleen discuss who could succeed in the task. We can see some major plotting going on.

6. Sreesanth guilty for making Deepak cry. Too late bruh.

7. And the winners of the carrot tasks are Shivashish and Deepak.

8. Now they’re both going to compete for captaincy. That ought to be fun!

9. Somi accused Deepak of being cunning during the game.

10. Oh, great she’s crying now too. What's with all the tears?

11. Sreesanth and Romil in a heated argument, over a socket spot :/

12. Surbhi commands Sree to start working and sweep the floor.

13. Sreesanth seems unwell. Is this all pretend?

14. Captaincy task begins. And the task is called Sansani Khej Khabar. This is where Bigg Boss is going to announce some secrets out loud and the contestants have to figure out who the secret is about.

15. This is going to pan out interestingly.

16. Deepak and Shivashish have to guess who the secrets belong to.

17. Jasleen’s secret was about dating another celebrity and Anup Ji not knowing it. Shivashish guessed that one right.

18. Woah these secrets are getting dirty!

19. Surbhi and Sreesanth fought, again.

20. Is it just me or is Surbhi’s voice super annoying :/

21. Dang, this fight is bad!

22. Wait, what? Why do Bigg Boss episodes end so abruptly? Guess I’ll have to tune in tomorrow to see what happened next.

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