Bigg Boss Season 12 Episode 31: All The Gharwalas Now Officially Hate Sreesanth

Bigg Boss Season 12 Episode 31: All The Gharwalas Now Officially Hate Sreesanth

The day has finally arrived when Sreesanth is officially disliked by the majority of the contestants. Well, Bigg Boss Season 12 Episode 31 brought in so many surprises and crazy things for us to witness in one night.

In case you missed it, you know we got you covered. So, here are the highlights and thoughts while I watching last night's episode.

1. The carrot task continues from last night... Deepak tells Surbhi to give all the carrots left to Somi. Deepak is trying to act too smart.

2. Bigg Boss chahte hain that the Gharwalas stop the task for the day! Ugggh finally!

3. Looks like Deepak is scheming with Jasleen. Jasleen wants to be the captain this week. What?

4. The task Ghodha Gaadi begins and Deepak announces that all the Ghodas aka the housemates will sleep in the garden. Oh well!

5. Sree doesn’t seem happy about this.

6. Well, there goes Sreesanth again! Dang, can he stop being angry all the time?

7. Threatening to leave again? Ughhh! I’m tired of this.

8. Sree decides to sleep near the door of the house. Dramatic much?

9. Surbhi is annoying. Why is she going around singing Lakdi ki Kathi around Sreesanth? Why is she trying to wake up the wolf?

10. Deepak is hiding the horse mask. And Bigg Boss plays the song Romeo Naam Mera, Choori Kaam Hai Mera. Ironic much?

11. Karan says he just wants to win. But how can he if he’s barely in the show these days? 

12. Okay, now the task begins again, but why is everyone just trying to rub each other’s name off the whiteboard? Is this a part of the game?

13. Sreesanth spits at Deepak’s name. What? What kinda task is this!

14. Surbhi is pissed at Sreesanth. She calls him sick and crazy. I might have to agree with her on this one.

15. Jasleen is trying to school Sreesanth on his behaviour. But doesn’t she know that he’s incorrigible?

16. Everyone now officially hates Sreesanth. Way to go man! What a way to get a fresh start at the house!

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