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Bigg Boss: 22 Thoughts I Had While Watching Last Night's Episode!

Bigg Boss: 22 Thoughts I Had While Watching Last Night's Episode!

The 12th Season of Bigg Boss airs every night on Colors and there's no way I can miss it. Even though I don't want to watch it - I just can't seem to stop tuning in!

If you're just like me, then I have to share with you the thoughts I had while watching last night episode.

Episode 12 was a bit toned down from the ones we've been watching for the past few days. I guess the reflection game really worked on the contestants... Here's what went down last night.

1. Woah Sreesanth, calm down! He’s super worked up, wants to leave again. 

2. Hmm, the gharwalas are trying to calm him down, but nothing is working.

3. Now moving onto who will be going into the ‘Kaal Kathori’ AKA the jail.

4. I vote for the Khan sisters!

5. Jasleen and Somi target poor Dipika again. Will Dipika be going into the Bigg Boss house jail?

6. So, it has come down to Dipika, Romil and Nirmal Singh. One of them will be in the Kaal Kathori.

7. Bigg Boss decided to send the three of them to jail! Whatttt!

8. Romil resists going inside. Come on dude, be a sport!

9. The singles support and stuck by Dipika's side. Awww...

10. Okay, Romil is finally inside the jail. The beast is tamed. For now...

11. Srishty wants to be the Fizz Captain of the house. I'm not sure about this. 

12. Another day at the Bigg Boss house starts with the song ‘Yaha ke hum sikander’.

13. Romil and Sourabh’s friendship is getting affected by all this. So sad.

14. Deepak steps up for the captaincy too! Who would you vote for?

15. The singles are told to choose the contenders for the captaincy. YAY!

16. Who is the next target for the Khan sisters, I wonder? What are they plotting!?

17. Saba Khan starts crying, Deepak came to console her.

18. Anupji votes for Karan! I vote for Karan too!

19. Is Neha really convincing the Khan sisters to vote for them? Woah, woah woah! Desperate times call for desperate measures?

20. Neha is the new captain!!! Everyone loves her. Or thinks that she’s the least threatening one from the singles, perhaps?

21. Now, who gets the kitchen duties and will the contestants be happy with Neha’s captaincy?

22. Oooh, Ayushmann Khuranna will be on the show. Stay tuned, ‘coz I will!

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