Bigg Boss Season 12 Episode 11: Ex-Contestant Vikas Is Back In The House!

Bigg Boss Season 12 Episode 11: Ex-Contestant Vikas Is Back In The House!

Bigg Boss Season 12 has almost finished its second week and it already feels like the gharwaale have been staying there for ages. The drama, the fights and the cold wars make it all look like everyone knew each other way before they met in on the show.

The latest episode brought in a lot of controversies and also a special guest, Vikas Gupta. The ex-contestant entered the house to show a mirror to the contestants (literally) and make them understand how they are looking to the rest of the world.

Some contestants reflected on his words, but for some nothing changed. If you didn't tune in to last night's episode, we've got all the deets and here are some of my thoughts while watching Bigg Boss Season Episode 11!

1. Why is everyone so happy and friendly this morning? Kuch toh gadbad hai, Daya!

2. Jasleen hugged Dipika. What positive vibes this morning! Fake or real, I wonder? Hmm...

3. Jasleen kisses Anoop Ji on the cheeks. Love is overflowing in the Bigg Boss house today.

4. Well, not for long.. Karan and Romil are having a heated argument. Shivashish jumps in as usual.

5. Now Romil is fighting with Shivashish and I seriously don’t even know why. Do they even need a reason anyway?

6. Woah, woah! Jasleen gets in her sexy swimsuit in the pool. 

7. Bigg Boss is playing the game of statue with the gharwaalas. Everyone stops and Bigg Boss ex-contestant Vikas Gupta enters the house.

8. Vikas has come to show the mirror to all the contestants. Isn't this too soon for it?

9. He goes to Urvashi and says that she’s his favourite. Then onto Srishty, and tells her, “Ye time wapas nahi aayega."

10. Sreesanth wanted to run away again! Vikas told him to stay strong and not run away anymore. Like that will help.

11. Seems like Vikas really opened everyone’s eyes.

12. Time for someone to be put in the jail now. Except for Sreesanth ‘coz, he’s sick? What emotional game is he playing?

13. Okay, guess the statue exercise didn’t have any impact whatsoever. Everyone’s the same again.

14. Khan sisters seem a little chill now though. 

15. Anupji is the most chill one here. So calm, so humble.

16. Sreesanth is restless again. He keeps talking to Bigg Boss and wants to get out of the house. Again. 

17. Well, let's see what happens tomorrow. 

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