Bigg Boss Season 12: 14 Thoughts I Had While Watching Episode 10

Bigg Boss Season 12: 14 Thoughts I Had While Watching Episode 10

The new season of Bigg Boss is already on its 10th episode and things are just getting crazier and well, more entertaining. In the last episode, the jodis performed a task where they declared war on the singles to get the golden ring, and successfully managed to get four rings.

But Episode 10 was a revenge hour for the singles. And damn, they took that revenge too seriously.

In case you missed out on last night's drama, read to know what exactly went down in the Bigg Boss house. Here are the thoughts I had while watching the Episode 10 of Bigg Boss Season 12.

1. Deepak is trying to steal something from Karan’s almirah before the task begins. And then Karan shows up!

2. Oops, he was trying to steal the shampoo before the task. (Bigg Boss: Kripya ye note kiya jaaye.)

3. Now, the teams are cooking up strategies for the task. Jasleen says, “Jung hai aaj."

4. Karan is introducing the task 'Samudhri Lootere' to everyone. There’s so much tension between the jodis and the singles. Bring it on! 

5. Okay, the task begins. Somi Khan is the first to become a prisoner in the jail. Wow, this is interesting.

6. Dipika and the other khan sister are fighting during the task. Way to go, Dipika! 

7. Saba Khan has officially lost her mind! Taking the talcum powder away from the jodis.

8. Now it's Jasleen's turn. She got up way too quickly. Wow, that was super quick.

9. Karan is totally taking his revenge on Shivashish. He slapped him, whoops. Shivashish slapped him yesterday.

10. Sreesanth seems to be playing for both the teams. Hmmm... What strategy are you trying to use here, Sree? Friends with the jodis and the singles. 

11. The task is over, both the team have two golden rings each. But Bigg Boss decides that the singles team wins because they took less time to complete the task.

12. Dipika and Jasleen have a lot of tension between them.

13. Dipika is crying now, she thinks everyone’s targeting her. 

14. Okay, tomorrow's episode seems more tense. Karanvir and Shivashish have a heated argument. Are we going to witness the first fist fight? Well, gotta tune in to see. 

Until next time...

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