Bigg Boss Season 12: 17 Thoughts I Had While Watching The Craziness In Episode 9

Bigg Boss Season 12: 17 Thoughts I Had While Watching The Craziness In Episode 9

This week of Bigg Boss Season 12 started with an open nomination process. Many relationship dynamics changed in the Bigg Boss house after Dipika Kakar, Karanvir Bohra, Kriti Verma-Roshmi Banik, and Romil Chaudhary-Nirmal Singh were nominated.

In yesterday’s episode, Bigg Boss announced a luxury budget task that will affect the captaincy and the nomination process. And the jodis fought with the singles to get the golden ring. The bloodbath began and it was too hard to watch the contestants getting tortured.

If you missed the show last night, read to know all that went down. These are all my thoughts while watching Bigg Boss Season 12 Episode 9.

1. The contestants are given the task of 'Samudhri Lutere,' where the contestants will try to take the golden ring from the other team. Jodis, of course, are playing together and the singles are the other team. The tasks starts with jodis who will torture the singles until they surrender and hand over the golden ring.

2. Kriti and Roshmi are the 'Sanchalaks' of the task while Sreesanth is left out of the task. Poor Sree.

3. Okay task begins, Neha is the first prisoner.

4. What the hell are they doing to Neha? What kind of a task is this? Washing her with soap. And throwing powder at her.

5. This looks like hell! Now, it's Srishty's turn.

6. The Khan sisters are playing it dirty! Someone please stop them.

7. Poor Srishty! She’s crying because soap got into her eyes and she couldn’t breathe.

8. Now, it's Dipika's turn. Is this even legal? Khan sisters are evil!

9. Oh okay, you’ve got to resist the water, soap and the meanness. Guess that’s the point of the game.

10. This is really disturbing to watch.

11. Now, Karan’s turn. Something got into his eyes. Damn!

12. This house and these people are super weird.

13. Okay, they’re putting powder on him. Wow, Sreesanth cheering him on. You’re a gangsta, Karan!

14. These people look miserable after the task. The gharwale were so harsh on the nominees. Be more human.

15. Saurabh is angry at Deepak for the inhumanity shown in the game. He’s getting super aggressive now. Typical BIGG Boss contestants.

16. Does Bigg Boss auditions just test you based on your aggressiveness and invite you to the show?

17. Deepak thinks he has failed as a team member but whoever has crossed their lines in such tasks in the previous seasons have been proven to be wrong.

18. Tomorrow the singles take revenge. More torture. I hope kids are not watching this!

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