'You're 2 Rs Person' & Other Iconic Bigg Boss Dialogues That Are Never Getting Old

'You're 2 Rs Person' & Other Iconic Bigg Boss Dialogues That Are Never Getting Old

If you're reading this you clearly are a sucker for drama...well, same pinch! The longest-running reality TV show Bigg Boss has reached its 14th season and this is proof that we absolutely cannot live without some masala in our lives. So in these 14 years, Bigg Boss has not only given us our daily dose of entertainment but also some catchy phrases that have us LOLing hard to date! From intense fights, roasts to kickass comebacks, this show has it all. Love it or hate it, Bigg Boss is a complete package that gives you controversies to talk about, loads of action, romance and a lot more. 

Over the numerous seasons, the show contestants have left us with some unforgettable and iconic dialogues. Now don't get us wrong here, we're not saying that Bigg Boss season 14 doesn't have enough masala but a little throwback won't hurt anyone! Here are some of our fave BB dialogues that are practically etched in our minds!

Aye, Baap pe mat jaana! Ft. Dolly Bindra

Who knew eggs could lead to such a dramatic situation! Manoj Tiwari just wanted some eggs in Bigg Boss 4 but the one line (read: kitchen kisi ke baap ka nahi hai) he said while asking for eggs in breakfast pissed Dolly Bindra off. But hey, it was totally worth it 'coz we got this iconic dialogue!

Talk to the hand Ft. Pooja Missra


If that doesn't ring a bell, maybe this will...'Pooja, what is this behaviour?'

We all remember Pooja Misrra and Shonali Nagrani's ugly fight from Bigg Boss 5. From kicking a bucket (literally) to breaking the broom, Pooja did enough to be labelled as a 'violent' contestant. But our fave will always be 'talk to the hand'. So take lessons from Pooja and when you're losing out on an argument, you know what you have to say ;).

Zindagi Jhandwa, phir bhi ghamandwa Ft. Ravi Kishan


No chance any of us can forget this dialogue! But if you thought it was from one of Ravi Kishan's Bhojpuri films, you couldn't be more wrong! The current Lok Sabha MP actually said this in the first season of Bigg Boss! 2020 sure made our lives jhandwa, but no Ravi, we have no ghamandwa!

Badi Badi Baatein Aur Vada Pav Khate Ft. Ajaz Khan


Badi Baatein or not we all love a good vada pav! Bigg Boss season 7 contestant Ajaz Khan came up with this kick-ass comeback that we still haven't forgotten! 

One-Arm Distance Ft. Hina Khan


Hina Khan originally started the concept of social distancing in Bigg Boss season 11, long before COVID-19. It all started with Hina Khan telling the other gharwalas to maintain 'one-arm distance' during arguments. Apart from the dialogue, Hina also took the internet by storm with kickass fashion sense during her season!

You Are A 2 Rupees Person Ft. KRK


Now we've all heard 'do kaudi ke log' but controversy king Kamaal R Khan aka KRK translated it for us. FYI, he didn't do a good job at it but we'll just have to make it work! 

Meri Koi Feeling Nahi Hai? Ft. Shehnaaz Gill


Tumhari feeling tumhari....Twadda kutta tommy, sadda kutta, kutta? Main kya karu? Mar jaaun? Meri koi feeling nahi hai?” said Shehnaaz Gill on Bigg Boss season 13. It’s not just a dialogue, it's an emotion! There's no way in hell we can forget Shehnaaz Gill or her flirty banter with Sidharth Shukla! This ‘Punjab ki Katrina Kaif’ gave us not one but multiple iconic dialogues during Bigg Boss season 13

Well....as much as we love a little throwback, we're still waiting for some epic dialogues from the Bigg Boss season 14 contestants. Guys, give us a little something please!

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