26 Thoughts I Had While Watching Episode 1 of Bigg Boss Season 12

26 Thoughts I Had While Watching Episode 1 of Bigg Boss Season 12

Bigg Boss has been ruling over the prime time slot on television screens since its first season. And given its popularity, it has come a long way. Season 12! Did we see that coming? But we were hoping for it to never end, no?

The launch episode was full of banter, sarcasm and the housemates still can't seem to get over Anup Jalota and Jasleen Matharu's unusual chemistry.

Episode 1 aired yesterday and I was glued to my TV. The episode started off with contestants waking up to Tan Tana Tan Tan Tan Taara and starting their day on a good note. Apart from the usual bonding, Anup and Jasleen were targeted mercilessly. The first task was introduced to the inmates and they seemed to be getting into the whole game show groove. Here are some thoughts I had watching the first episode. Just in case you missed it, here's a written update for you. Read on!

1. Deepak Thakur’s tripping on the Jacuzzi.

2. Anup Jalota is so selfless.

3. Salman song, AGAIN? Of course.

4. Jasleen is explaining her relationship with Anup Jalota to Saba. She only wants gossip, I can see it.

5. Appy Fizz mugs are everywhere because the brand is a sponsor!

6. Deepak Thakur is crying! Already?

7. And he’s started politics. This is Day 1. 

8. Shivashish is flirting with Somi but he doesn’t know her name? And now he’s given her a nickname too! That escalated quickly!

9. I love Somi’s lipstick!

10. The confession room looks like a place to practice black magic.




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11. Time for BB Press conference.

12. Such a complicated task. I didn’t understand it all.

13. Jasleen is SO dominating. And confident.

14. Enter Hiten and Hina Khan! *Hoots*

15. The contestants are doubting Anup and Jasleen’s relationship.




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16. Jasleen should shut up already. She’s contradicting her own statements. 

17. The house considers Anup and Jasleen a weak pair.

18. Looks like Sreesanth is a 'Sant' in the house.

19. Nehha has challenged Deepak and Urvashi!

20. Nehha’s point is valid. 

21. Deepak talks too much. He is confusing me.

22. Urvashi is his personal cheerleader.

23. Urvashi also talks, wow!

24. Nehha has dug her own grave!

25. A planned fight, really? Like there wouldn’t be plenty otherwise.

26. Will Roshmi talk at all? 

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