Bhumi Pednekar Stepped Out Like A True-Blue Guldasta & Umm, We Got So Many Questions

Bhumi Pednekar Stepped Out Like A True-Blue Guldasta & Umm, We Got So Many Questions

Making bizarre fashion choices has never really been out of the books for Bollywood stars, and a quick peek here will give you some context when it comes to weird sartorial outfits. One would think that having an entourage of stylists and various artists behind a certain look also gives actors some upper hand into decking up, but turns out it's not quite the case always.

Bhumi Pednekar In H2T Florals

An unfortunate case in point of it would be Bhumi Pednekar's recent look, which has left us with many questions. Below, a breakdown of her outfit and more. 

Why Bhumi, Why?


For a recent event, the Bollywood actress stepped out in a floral pantsuit and mind you, not just any pantsuit. With full-blown flowers and motifs galore, the all-over printed outfit was enough to evoke some major 'guldasta' feels. There was no going back in terms of colours too; bright and dark blues, pale green, black, pink, white and many other shades made an appearance and they were overall successful in creating a look worth stowing to the back of the cupboard. Between the blazer and trousers and the smorgasbord of print and details throughout, there was just no room for the pattern to emerge as a striking one. 

Which now leads us to some important questions which come to mind upon seeing this look:
—Who suggested this outfit?
—Why would stylists do this to her?
—Did really no one for a minute think to perhaps opt for much better iterations that are out there? (Probably not.)

We could go on but for those of you who have still not lost their complete faith in florals and are feeling up to it, listed below are some versions that are much better equipped to do a stellar job. Take a look, friends and add what you need to your wardrobe. 


Blue & White Floral Print Single-Breasted Casual Blazer

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Printed Blazer with Lapel


Getting The Details Right

Florals may be the tried-and-tested go-to look for many but when it comes to keeping things failsafe, there are a couple of things to consider. If you are opting for all-over prints, make sure that they are not overpowering in terms of colours and motifs. In case of doubt, you can always mix and match with a solid separate in the same colour tone, making for a foolproof look. And goes without saying, don't forget to work a beauty look that amps it up further!


LIT Liquid Matte Lipstick - DM Slide

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Make Up

Magic Potion - Unicorn

INR 995 AT MyGlamm

Phew, let's hope this is the last we see of this outfit. 

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