No Gym? No Problem! Best At-Home Fitness Equipment You Should Invest In

No Gym? No Problem! Best At-Home Fitness Equipment You Should Invest In

Today, the government officially extended the nationwide lockdown till May 3. As the number of positive cases spike at an alarming rate every day in India, it seems like staying indoors is our best option right now when it comes to keeping ourselves safe. However, the lockdown comes with its own set of issues--social isolation being the most obvious one. Day-to-day activities like going to work, shopping, dining out and hitting the gym now seem like a distant dream.

While there's a lot you cannot do while you're locked-in at home, working out should be one of them. Given that we are going through a global health crisis, it is extremely important to exercise regularly and eat healthy meals to keep our immunity strong. And while you really don't need fancy equipment to work out, some at-home basics are sure to enhance your session. Here's a list of our favourite at-home workout equipment, and we bet you already own some of it!

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1. Skipping Rope

Did you know that something as simple and wallet-friendly as a skipping rope can give you one of the best cardio workouts? According to fitness experts, skipping is arguably a better exercise than walking, running, and jumping rope because it has a lower impact on your joints and works more muscle groups than the other activities listed. Skipping is a total body workout that involves all of your body muscles, and you don't have to do it for hours to reap the rewards. So grab your rope and skip away those quarantine calories!

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2. Yoga Mat

While this mat might have been initially used for yoga practice, it is so versatile that it is now synonymous to exercise. After all, nobody wants to exercise on the cold hard floor--plus the mat's cushiony texture reduces the risk of injury while working out. You can also use it to be simple stretches every day when you don't feel like working out. And not to forget its portability--making it easy for you to carry it from your bedroom to the gym.

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3. Resistance Bands

If you think at-home workouts have become too easy for you, and you're looking to add more strength to your daily fitness routine, resistance bands are perfect for you. In fact, a lot of people prefer to work out with resistance bands at home because they aren't as bulky as dumbbells and give you an equally intense workout. These bands exert force on your muscles when stretched, and increase strength, mobility and flexibility.

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4. Dumbbells

While resistance bands can be handy and easy to use, some people just prefer to use dumbbells for their workout. We'd recommend leaving the super heavy ones for the gym, but you could keep some light to mid-weight dumbells at home for your workouts. They come in compact sizes and vibrant colours and can help strengthen your back, abs, shoulders and biceps.

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5. Pull-Up Bar

Pull-up bars are perhaps the best kind of workout equipment to have at home because it literally takes up no storage space. All you need to do is to fit it between two doors--this is perfect if you live in a rented apartment because you don't even need to screw anything into your house. Plus, pull-ups are some of the best exercises for your upper body and also strengthens your arms like no other exercise can.

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6. Treadmill

This is the holy-grail of at-home equipment for someone who takes their fitness seriously. It can be the perfect first purchase if you're planning to set up your own gym space at home. Treadmills are great for busy people who want to get in some daily exercise, whether it's walking or sprinting. Plus, you could place it near your television, and exercise while you watch Netflix. Who said working out had to be boring?

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7. Exercise Bike

Okay, now let's move on to equipment that you might need to make space for, but you'll reap big returns in exchange. Exercise bikes are a great way to get your cardio in, especially when you live in a polluted city like India where runs aren't the best idea. These bikes come with adjustable resistance and speed, and strengthen your leg muscles, core and ever your arms.

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So there you have it--with equipment like this, do you really need that expensive gym membership? We hope you're putting your at-home equipment to good use during the lockdown!

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