Working From Home? 5 Beauty-ful, Productive Things You Can Do To Pass Time

Working From Home? 5 Beauty-ful, Productive Things You Can Do To Pass Time

Coronavirus is spreading faster than malicious gossip. Let’s face it, we all are staying home, whether we like it or not. And it’s not that big of a deal TBH (Oh, I see you introverts, rejoicing as if the fourth season of Stranger Things just dropped).

We have more time for ourselves, our family, our cute pets. Time to clean, reorganize and get shizz done (that you've been putting off for months). While binge-watching on Netflix is THE way to kill boredom and pass time, we say to utilize this time to do other productive things. 

All You Beauty Junkies, Here's What You Can Do To Pass Your Time

Get out of your shell (read: room) and do fun things. No, please don't make a tik-tok video. Do something your future self would thank you for- like cleaning your room. Here's what we suggest!

Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Yes 'coz bacteria waits for no nobody! Utilize this time to wash all your makeup brushes. How often should one wash their makeup brushes? Well, how often do you take a bath? (unless you're my brother which means twice a year 😛). Collect all your makeup brushes and clean them, STAT!


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Organise Your Makeup

Organizing makeup products is one of the best ways to destress. I'm not kidding. Buy a bunch of makeup organizers online and arrange all your products. There are acrylic drawers available, rotating stands, cute-sy stuff- whatever matches your room's aesthetic. Grab some plastic trays or cardboard boxes if you don't have anything else. If you're a #DIY kinda girl, you can make some DIY drawer dividers.

It's really funny how just categorising items by type can make your life so much better. Here's my suggestion: 

Arrange them by type- lipsticks, eye products, blush, highlighters, nail polishes etc.

By occasion- party, an errand run.

By the time of use AM / PM, you'll be surprised how much more use you get out of each of your products by just doing this. 

This will not only make your life easy but you'll feel so good after doing this.


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Throw Away Expired Things

Just like those feelings you have for that toxic ex, toss out everything that's irrelevant.

Take a newspaper, spread it over your bed and put all your junk on it. Keep a dustbin handy. Now, start picking out every product one by one. If it's expired, toss it out in the dustbin, if you do not need it anymore, give it to someone (but make sure it's a clean, sanitized product). You'll realize that undoing your hoarding process will give you such an achievement wali feeling. And the best part, you'll have more space to hoard.

PS: It's not hoarding if its skincare, right?

Spend Beauty-Ful Time With Your Family

Yes, get out of your room and socialize with those people you call as family. No, I'm serious. Make DIY beauty packs and involve all your family to join you in doing so. Put sheet masks on everyone or mud masks. Watch YouTube tutorials together, show them weird beauty trends that became viral on social media.

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Share Your Knowledge

Get on your laptop and start writing that beauty articles you've been meaning to pen down. Make an Instagram account, share your wonderful knowledge of beauty with the world, your tips & tricks, your makeup skills. This is the perfect time to figure out things and do what you'd been delaying till an unforeseeable future. Now is the time to shine.

Trust us, you've got this!

What are you waiting for? Go ahead, get your vanity, beauty stash and your life together!

Featured image: Pinterest