#VideoOfTheDay: You Will Not Believe Who Has A YouTube Channel Now!

#VideoOfTheDay: You Will Not Believe Who Has A YouTube Channel Now!

This post shouldn't be called video of the day, it should actually be called the 'discovery of the night'. Even though YouTube is the reason for my procrastination through the day, I Youtube the most at night (we already discussed that I am an ardent viewer and now I use Youtube as a verb). Anyway, so last night I was watching videos and something popped up on my explore page. It legit made me sit up because I didn't know if I was hallucinating or actually seeing what I was seeing. I saw Barbie teaching me how to make my own lip balm. This wasn't even an independent animator on YouTube but the company name and logo. Clicking on this video changed my night around. 

I wasn't big on the barbie trend, it was more like I got them as gifts and I was a hoarder. While I didn't play with them often, I still would have an occasional play date with them. The animation in the video is not just done well, it is also supremely realistic. YES! The voice of Barbie is exactly how you would think she would sound. The videos also are pretty realistic where she does a lot of different Youtube challenges and makeup tutorials. Ken and the other boys also make an appearance on the channel a lot. You have to see it to believe it. 

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On a serious note, if you think this tutorial is not going to teach you how to make lip balm, you might want to think again. This tutorial is definitely true to form as a beauty DIY. She also teaches you various recipes to make lip balms, along with some hacks through the video. The more I watch this the more I think that Toy Story was a true story. 

Check out some other videos from this channel as well. Are you as freaked out and mesmerised as I am yet?

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