Baby, You Are Gorgeous: Barack Obama's Reaction On Michelle's Iconic Look Is Everything!

Baby, You Are Gorgeous: Barack Obama's Reaction On Michelle's Iconic Look Is Everything!

We have barely emerged from the fashion moments, the great coats and the inspiring speeches at United States' Inauguration Day and come to think of it, we are not alone! Now it seems like there is a little more to add to one of the most unforgettable looks from the event—Michelle Obama's monochrome outfit that had Twitter up in a storm. Bet you couldn't have forgotten that one!

Barack Obama On Michelle Obama's Outfit At Inaugural Day

Joining in on the conversation, Barack Obama recently expressed what he thought of the former First Lady's ICONIC look and let's just say we agree, though we will leave you to see it for yourselves. Scroll on to take a look. 


The former President has always been actively engaged with people on social media and recently, he surprised a group by attending a virtual book club where his memoir, A Promised Land was being discussed. During the discussion, he answered a couple of questions, including one about Michelle Obama's monochrome outfit. 

"I don't know what it is about y'all, with Michelle and her belts," Obama said to the group. "I asked Michelle about it at dinner the other night. I said, 'Listen baby, you are gorgeous. You know, I understand completely why you are a fashion icon.' But, I said, 'Was your hair different? 'Cause, it didn't look that different.' Anyway, so I don't have an answer other than just knowing she looks good and looks better than me. I understand that," he added. Take a look at the clip below to see him deliver it. 

It seems highly unlikely considering it was all over everywhere but ICYMI, Michelle Obama's attire at the Inaugural Day came from Sergio Hudson, a Black American designer whose apparel has also been worn by Vice President Kamala Harris. The monochrome outfit in plum comprised of wide-legged pants, a turtleneck, a matching coat and a standout belt. The former First Lady's pick was also a nod to supporting Black businesses in America. 

The Twitter storm was also about her impeccably done hair, and the talent behind it was Yene Damtew, her long-trusted expert. Recently, Michelle Obama also shared pictures of a cute recreation and it instantly went viral. Take a peek at it below.

Can't say we disagree with the 'gorgeous' bit because let's just face it: does it get any more iconic than this!

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