Babita Phogat Is All Set To Make Her TV Debut!

Babita Phogat Is All Set To Make Her TV Debut!

Actors have been playing out to be sportspeople on screen for so long that it’s time sportspeople started acting as well! And so, that’s exactly what Babita Phogat is all set to do! Babita Phogat will now be making her debut on television in the popular daily Badho Bahu, where she will be seen playing herself.


The Phogat sisters’ story became popular after last year’s blockbuster Dangal. While the older Phogat sister Geeta was seen on-screen facing her fears in Khatron Ke Khiladi, it’s now the younger sibling’s turn to make her mark in the television industry.

Badho Bahu, starring Rytasha Rathore and Prince Narula is the story of an overweight girl trying to win the respect of her husband, family and society with the help of her father-in-law. He believes that a way for her to do so is through wrestling and then trains her to take part in matches. Badho’s first official match is going to be against none other than Babita.


After all life is just one big dream sequence. It's just that our dreams are different. Fundamentally Badho and I are so different and yet we have so many similarities. In one year of playing the same character day after day - I've taken what is good from her, and of course I've put a lot of myself into her. It's been a fruitful year and I feel as though I've gotten as much out of it as I possibly could've. I could play Badho in my sleep. But the real challenge is - what else can I do to make it better? Some days it's just so auto pilot that I don't even bother getting into the details - like today. And other days I put my heart and soul into it - like I did yesterday. I gotta work that way everyday even though it's tough. But here I am, trying. That's all we can really do. Anyway I'm done for the day now. I've powered through a weekendless week of work and tomorrow is a 7am shoot. Life is a dream sequence after all. I'm gonna try to make it as sweet as possible. #BadhoBahu #WorkingStill #ShootLife

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Producer Dipti Kalwani shared in an interview, “I am over the moon and I can’t wait to see Babita and Badho in the same akhada. It’s a dream come true when your inspiration stands in flesh and blood with your character. Babita inspired me to write the show and it’s the proudest moment for me. I will cherish it all my life. I would really like to thank Babita and the &TV team for making my dream a reality.”

While they wanted to feature both Geeta and Babita, Geeta was unavailable due to prior commitments!