Here's Why Baba Ramdev's App 'Kimbho' Has Taken The Internet By Storm

Here's Why Baba Ramdev's App 'Kimbho' Has Taken The Internet By Storm

Baba Ramdev has been on a roll when it comes to promoting his Patanjali merchandise. Be it making Patanjali Ayurveda's products available online or expanding the brand in sectors such as education and healthcare.

Baba Ramdev

After the launch of Swadeshi Samriddhi SIM cards, Baba Ramdev broke the internet with the launch of a messaging app he has named Kimbho. The tagline of Kimbho is kept as ‘Ab Bharat Bolega’. It is supposed to give stiff competition to WhatsApp.

The app has a similar user interface to that of WhatsApp. Users can send direct messages to the person and also create new groups to send out messages. The USP of Kimbho is that the user can form broadcast lists, follow celebrities and also doodle.


With reports of the app being prone to security breach doing the rounds, users are sceptical about using it on their phones.

Before this confusion could gain further momentum, the news of the app been taken down took the internet by storm.

Kimbho received major backlash and flak from a French researcher who took to Twitter to share his experience of using the app. He said it a security disaster as he was able to read and access messages of all the users.

Seems like Baba Ramdev doesn't have expertise in all the fields.