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Ladies, NO MORE Worrying About Cat-callers Thanks To Baba Ramdev's 'Sanskari (Ripped) Jeans'!

Ladies, NO MORE Worrying About Cat-callers Thanks To Baba Ramdev's 'Sanskari (Ripped) Jeans'!

Just when we thought jeans couldn't get any better, Baba Ramdev launches his much-debated, and discussed, jeans, and they are as 'sanskaari' as Alok Nath (or are they?)! As a part of his 'Swadeshi Gaurav' movement, Baba Ramdev announced Patanjali's clothing and accessories line 'Patanjali Paridhan' last week, introducing us to a world of ripped jeans that are ripped as much as one millimetre. Finally, a pair of jeans that are sanskaari enough to be worn in India sans the judgment from aunties and lewd stares from creeps. Thanks, Baba!

After the success of Patanjali Ayurved Limited, a consumer goods company of herbal products such as aloe vera gel, shampoos, face washes, creams, muesli, oats, juices, wheat flour, and what not, the yoga maestro has ventured into a clothing and accessories line too making our lives more stylish than ever with all that rip and rumble (pun intended).

According to a report by The Print, Baba Ramdev said, “People are wearing torn jeans these days. So some of our jeans are ripped, but we haven’t ripped them so much also so as to lose our Indian-ness and our values.” We finally know what our values are worth - 1 mm, Y'all!

All jeans are handwoven, and if Twitter is to be believed, they are priced at Rs 2,500. The offer Ramdev tweeted about also doesn't add up. Let's do the math - if the jeans are priced at Rs 2,500 (the ripped ones might just be more expensive) and one T-shirt costs Rs 500, the combo totals to Rs 3,500 (2,500+500+500) and not Rs 7,000. All the people who bought the combo, our condolences. Not sure about Diwali but Baba definitely bombed your pockets.

The offer is no longer available but Twitter reactions are and they are hilarious.

The video shows Ramdev Baba saying, "Yahan itni garmi hoti hai ismei jeans pehen ne ka matlab kya hai. Aur itni tight jeans pehennenge let ke pehen ni padti hai!". (It is so hot here why do people need to wear jeans? And the jeans are so tight that you have to lie down to wear them.) Well, well, well!

Baba's idea of indigenous must be different from ours.

Of course, there are memes. How can there be no memes?!

We know what product we are reviewing next.

And who doesn't appreciate good sarcasm?!

If you are wondering where the real loot is coming from, this guy has an explanation!

If only there was an answer to this!

But it is not the price that is making us angry. The brand's target consumers are women, particularly housewives. And, Baba Ramdev claims that the apparels are priced at such an 'affordable price' that even men who do not earn as much could buy them for their wives. What the actual...


As if we can't buy a pair of jeans on our own! And while we are at it, why spend Rs 2,500 on Baba Ramdev jeans when you can get one at the same or lower price? We can name 20 brands that are tried, tested, and trusted, and offer the best quality jeans that are trendy, comfy, and actually 'affordable' like: 

1. Zara - Rs 1,790 onwards

2. H&M - Rs 1,299 onwards

3. Levi's - Rs 1,999 onwards

4. Forever 21 - Rs 1,259 onwards

5. Bhaane (an Indian brand) - Rs 2,300 onwards 

6. Aeropostale - Rs 2,499 onwards

7. All About You by Deepika Padukone (an Indian brand) - Rs 2,299 onwards

8. Dorothy Perkins - Rs 1,490 onwards

9. Dressberry (an Indian brand) - Rs 1,599 onwards

10. Ether (an Indian brand) - Rs 1,299 onwards

11. FabAlley (an Indian brand) - Rs 1,800 onwards

12. Jealous 21 - Rs 1,699 onwards

13. Lee - Rs 1,899 onwards

14. Lee Cooper - Rs 1,799 onwards

15. Mango - Rs 1,790 onwards

16. Pepe Jeans - Rs 1,799 onwards

17. Roadster (an Indian brand) - Rs 1,499 onwards

18. Vero Moda - Rs 1,999 onwards

19. Wills Lifestyle (an Indian brand) - Rs 1,999 onwards

20. People (an Indian brand) - Rs 1,099 onwards

And these will be as actually ripped!

If you want to try these 'Sanskaari Jeans', visit - Patanjali Paridhan Store, Netaji Subhash Place (NSP), Pitampura. They are not available online yet. The brand has three categories - LiveFit, Aastha, and Sanskar. But more on that later.

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