Band Karo Yeh Chor-eo-graphy: TroyBoi Accuses Baaghi 3 Makers Of Copying His Song 'Do You'

Band Karo Yeh Chor-eo-graphy: TroyBoi Accuses Baaghi 3 Makers Of Copying His Song 'Do You'

Baaghi 3's new song where Disha Patani is seen asking Tiger Shroff 'Do You Love Me' has crossed over 5 million views on Youtube in less than two days. The song may have become a raging hit, but it's a distasteful copy of electronic music artist TroyBoi's song 'Do You?'. From choreography to music--everything seems more than just inspired. And why not, because Bollywood already has had a long and illustrious history of plagiarism, which no other industry on this planet can match.

And no, they aren't going to stop this jugaad of shameless lifting and 'getting inspired' by Hollywood films. The British record producer also called out the makers of making a blatant copy of his original. In a series of Instagram stories, TroyBoi slammed the makers and wrote, "How ironic that my latest track was a tribute to India and then this happens." How upsetting is this-- to see the entire country being humiliated for the doing of a particular unit. Diet Sabya (an anonymous Instagram account that routinely calls out plagiarised content) also took to social media to share similarities between the two tracks. Check it out!

However, Baaghi 3 producers have clarified that the song, composed by Tanishk Bagchi, is a licensed version of the original Lebanese song of the same name.

Why Bollywood, Why?

Looks like, Bollywood has now mastered the art of copying from others. Don't believe us? Here are a few other songs that aren't original at all!

Swag Se Swagat Vs DJ Katch's The Horns

Swag Se Swagat is one of the all-time hits of Bollywood with over 800 million views. But, days after its release, it was realised that the track is a copy from DJ Katch's song, The Horns.

Watch the two tracks below:

Shaitan Ka Saala Vs Tony Montana's Bala

While Housefull 4 was a disaster, its song 'Shaitan ka Saala' was on every DJ's playlist. And guess what? This song too isn't an original. It is a recomposition from Tony Montana’s song, Bala, which was released in 2015.

Listen to both the tracks to figure out the similarity!

Don't Be Shy Vs Dr. Zeus

Ayushmann Khurrana's Bala was loved by the audience and so was its track, Don't Be Shy. Not an original, again! A few months back Dr Zeus threatened legal action against the team of Bala for plagiarising his song. Dr. Zeus tweeted, "wen did u compose don’t b shy & kangna.. more to the point how dare u guys b riding off ma old hits & fuckin them up??? Ya need to get originalMy lawyers will b in touch" (sic). The issue was, however, resolved later but a copy remains a copy!

Nashe Si Chadh Gayi Vs Junjuo Romantica Track

And it is not just famous music artists that Bollywood copies, but they also lift from animated series' plots. Days after Nashe Si Chadh Gayi from Befikre became a rage, it was noticed that it was copied from a song in an animated Japanese series, called Junjou Romantica:. Here' a comparison:

Not Just Songs, Guys. It Goes Beyond That

Yes, Bollywood also copies set designs. Saaho (starring Prabhas and Shraddha Kapoor) makers were accused last year of plagiarising Bengaluru artist's work in their song, 'Baby Won't You Tell Me'. An artist called Shilo Shiv Suleman even called out the makers in an Instagram post. 


All these instances make us wonder if Bollywood will ever come up with something original? Honestly, isn't the Indian Film Industry tired of plagiarism charges every now and then? Because we definitely are tired of listening to all these remakes and then remakes of remakes. Arrgh! Where are the likes of AR Rahman?

Featured Image: Instagram