7 Times Matching With Someone On Tinder Got… *Awkward*!

7 Times Matching With Someone On Tinder Got… *Awkward*!

In the modern day world, Tinder has become quite a rage. A lot of us take to dating apps to find potential partners, isn’t it? But imagine a situation where you got matched with someone you would never date in real life - may be your teacher or uncle or even a dog, yeah that can happen too. It’s awkward, right? Here are a few people who revealed their Tinder experiences on Whisper and their confessions will make you go woah! Read them now!

1. We are sure you didn’t expect that!

1 tinder experiences

2. That oops moment!

2 tinder experiences

3. Hahaha! That’s just plain funny!

3 tinder experiences

4. Very awkward, indeed!

4 tinder experiences

5. OMG… Did that really happen?

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6. We understand completely!

6 tinder experiences

7. Spams are everywhere! Ugh!

7 tinder experiences

You can read the full thread here on Whisper.

So, how was your experience like?

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