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#CashCrunch In 2018? Hilarious GIFs Every Indian Will Relate To!

#CashCrunch In 2018? Hilarious GIFs Every Indian Will Relate To!

Looks like we are back to demonetisation day one from 2016 because long lines and no cash in ATMs is reported across the country. ATMs in many states including Karnataka, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Telangana, are either running out of cash or are notified as 'not working.' As reported by ANI, people from Hyderabad are saying they had been unable to withdraw money since yesterday. Delhi and Varanasi report the same. In Bhopal, many have been unable to withdraw cash for 15 days.   

The cash crunch in the country has already created anger and panic. Indian citizens are expressing their discontent via Twitter. The hashtag "CashCrunch" is already trending. Although the government has asked for 3-days to solve the issue, many are comparing the situation to the demonetisation days of long queues and no money including Rahul Gandhi, who is blaming the government in action for the situation. "PM has destroyed banking system," he said.

If you've seen the queues or been in one of them or are just dreading being in one, here are some reactions we bet you'll relate to!

1. When you woke up to the news of dry ATMs in some states

1 cash crunch

2. When you find out that your state is one of them.

2. atm  cash  states

3. Cursing yourself for not withdrawing cash earlier!

3. atm  cash  states

4. When you realise you don't have enough cash to pay the bills.

4 atm  cash  states

5. And even Paytm is blocked because you didn't get your KYC done. You should've listened to Modi sarkar.

5 atm  cash  states

6. When you have to cancel your date because - no money, no honey.

6 atm  cash  states

7. When the government says it will take 3 days to refill the dry ATMs. 

7 atm  cash  states

8. Breathe... just like demonetisation days, it's time to learn how to save cash and sacrifice pizza again!

8 atm  cash  states

9. At least, McDonalds has meals starting at Rs 65!

9 atm  cash  states

GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr

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