Indian Supermodel Arshia Ahuja On The ‘Shady Things People Say To Models’!

Indian Supermodel Arshia Ahuja On The ‘Shady Things People Say To Models’!

Arshia Ahuja, an army brat who chose modelling as her career, has graced the covers of India’s leading fashion magazines and runways multiple times. Although her calling is high fashion but anyone can instantly relate to her Instagram feed because she loves comfortable clothing as much as we do.

She recently wrote an effective article for her blog ‘Shady things people say to models’ and the title itself hints towards an honest insight into a model's life. Models often get asked about how they manage to stay in shape and about their diets, while some may think it’s always a compliment, it’s not. Arshia shared the model’s side of the story in her article. Arshia mentioned some of the questions that model often get asked in direct words, “Omg, how are you so skinny? Tell, honestly, you don’t eat na”

“I want to do conceptual shoot with you, you seem very open-minded.”

“Why do you have stretch marks, you were fat na, before?”

As a well-known and hard working model Arshia posts exciting behind-the-scenes from fashion weeks and shoots on her Instagram. While we would think that everyone would be happy to see the backstage drama, turns out amongst many appreciating comments, models also have to scroll through some hard-hitting body shaming comments.

Arshia revealed that her other model friends and she often laugh about Instagram comments in their green room, “We usually laugh about it in the green room, the other models and I, we go and check out profiles of some of these men who either worship us or want to scold us for being “bad Indian girls who have no culture.” It’s hilarious.” She added, “I really respect all my girls in this business because we are very very thick skinned and extremely independent, so here’s to all of you and all the lameness we put up with.”

What else do models have to deal with in comment section and in general? Arshia mentions in detail:

1. Comments on lingerie pictures


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“Whenever I post a lingerie picture on Instagram, so many guys comment - ooo soft belly, sexy boobs, your body is a wonderland, sultry Bipasha type. I swear, I’m not making these up, I just delete these lewd comments as soon as they come up.”  

2. The shady unfollow threat


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“Once someone wrote on a picture that he will unfollow me because it's been days since I posted a bikini picture.” How rude! 

3. The wannabe photographers


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“Then there are the wannabe photographers who demand to shoot you, lol. They send really bad half naked pictures as references, use words like, ‘bold, modern, art.’” Avoid at all costs. 

4. The “expected” diet plans


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“Most people, I meet for the very first time say, ‘Omg do you, girls, diet all the time?’, or ‘I wouldn’t want to be a model, I could never leave food.’”

5. The duty of arranging passes


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“So many people who haven’t been in touch with me or ever messaged me, in a million years, crop up during fashion week asking for passes. I reply politely and say I can’t. But to be honest, if my mom or best friends aren’t getting passes, you, “Mr I don’t care if you are dead or alive,” is certainly not getting them.” Point well taken, Arshia. 

6. Well, the favours they ask for


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“‘You must have many boyfriends, na?’, ‘Can you arrange some stuff for me?’ – I usually tell them my sugar daddy and the dealer left me for another model.”

7. The nosey buggers


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“I get so many comments on my skin and body, all I ever say to these nosey buggers is, “I have the same problems as you do, I just have photoshop.”

We, as humans are so quick to judge and comment on others that we completely forget to acknowledge that we also bear a social responsibility. We often end up blaming powerful social media platforms for body shaming, abuse and cyberbullying incidents but the real culprits are the ones who ignore the vital duty of treating everyone with respect.  

We appreciate how smartly Arshia has framed her side of the story. More power to you Arshia!

You can read the complete article here.