The Awaam Has Had It! 6 Reasons Why Arshi Khan Is The Most Irritating Contestant In BB 14

The Awaam Has Had It! 6 Reasons Why Arshi Khan Is The Most Irritating Contestant In BB 14

Not gonna lie, I think my BP has spiked a little since the entry of challengers in Bigg Boss 14 house (before you say anything: Hi, my Name is Khushboo Sharma and I am a BB addict!) I just can’t deal with how some of the most notorious ex-contestants have been brought back simply for the purpose of wreaking havoc in the house. And while I might have made my peace with the likes of Rakhi Sawant and Vikas Gupta, I just can’t handle Arshi Khan. To put it simply, I am of the belief that Arshi is easily the most irritating contestant in the house. And I have prepared a solid argument, just in case you have any conflicting thoughts on the topic. 

The Chair Incident!

Earlier this week, Arshi threatened to break a chair. The reason? Because Rubina Dilaik was speaking in English and Arshi (who breaks rules left, right, and centre) out of all the contestants in the house wasn’t liking this rules ka ulanghan! In fact, she jumped into the conversation out of nowhere at a time when Rubina and Eijaz were having an argument and started shouting that she’ll break a chair if Rubina keeps speaking in English. And then went on actually doing it to everyone’s shock. When called out for damaging the Bigg Boss property by Rubina, she further went on threatening the actress that she’ll break her face if she continues to speak in English. Obviously, Arshi’s sudden regard for rules comes from what happened in the recent Weekend ka vaar episode. Sadly, just ‘coz Salman might have sided with the challengers, it doesn’t mean that Arshi can go on unleashing all the madness that she can in the house and we are so glad that she got punished for it.


But Can She Take A Dose Of Her Own Medicine?

For someone who is always on the lookout for chaos, muddas, and an opportunity to attack people, you’d think that Arshi would have quite an appetite for random attacks. But guess what? While she might have the foulest tongue in the house and can flip some 500 times in a single day, she still expects good behaviour and unconditional support from others. Case in point: her reaction after being called out by Rahul Vaidya for breaking the chair. When scolded for her cuckoo act, she first started shouting at Rahul, then threatened to break his face too, and then effectively severed her ties with the man by saying that he is not a good friend. In fact, it’s the same with her in all the cases and while she might find it okay to say anything and everything to people, she effectively loses it with the most basic of replies.

The Lewd Remarks That She Has Been Making On Abhinav

Since the day of her entering the Bigg Boss house, Arshi has been making lewd remarks at Abhinav. She has constantly been saying things like, ‘Rubina aapa, abhinav ko main bana dungi papa,’ ‘mujhe pregnant kardo,’ and whatnot. And while Abhinav did try to raise this to Salman Khan, he was effectively shut by the host for some godforsaken reason. Now think of it this way: had a man been doing this to a woman in the BB house, would he have been spared so easily?  


The Foul Tongue!!!

Imagine being proficient in a beautiful language like Urdu and still choosing to speak like Arshi Khan! Back in season 11, she used to be appreciated for her flawless Urdu and well skip to season 14 and the woman is almost incapable of uttering a single sentence without the word “nalla” in it (or something equally gross). It takes her 0.001 seconds to switch from “aap” to “tu nalla” "tu nalli” and we’d have to give it to her fellow contestants for tolerating it all without launching a punch on her face. 

The Way She Harassed The Hell Out Of Vikas Gupta

When we say Arshi has a foul tongue it's sans an iota of exaggeration. For her, nothing is off-limits, not even someone’s sexuality and parents. She did the exact same with Vikas Gupta last month when she went after his life, kept taunting him endlessly, and did not stop touching him even after being warned by Bigg Boss against it. However, when Vikas decided to retaliate, she made it even dirtier and started commenting on his sexuality and his mother as well. And when Vikas couldn’t take it anymore, he ended up pushing her in the pool which she of course used in her favour to get him evicted. This actually brings us to the next point. 


Her Modus Operandi

Everything and everyone in the Bigg Boss house appears to be a mudda to Arshi Khan who can legit make a mountain out of the mole. She singles out a person from the crowd and then goes after their lives until they snap and end up saying or doing something inappropriate. This is basically her modus operandi. For instance, last week, she woke up Vikas in the middle of the night while being very well aware that he wasn’t well. She then went on further irritating him and pushed him to the extent where he ended up throwing water at her. This is when she very conveniently forgot about the nuisance that she was creating and made the matter about Vikas throwing water at her. I mean, no sick person is going to shower you with hearts and flowers after being bullied like that, right? 

Well yes “awaam dekh rahi hai” and TBH awaam is pretty irritated Arshi!!!

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