#EveryBrotherEver: Arjun Kapoor Hilariously Trolls His Sisters A Day Before Raksha Bandhan!

#EveryBrotherEver: Arjun Kapoor Hilariously Trolls His Sisters A Day Before Raksha Bandhan!

Known for his antics, Arjun Kapoor is at it again. This time, he's showing some brotherly love and support (read: trolling) for his sisters. 

Since it's one huge Kapoor khandaan, let me break it down for you!

It all began with him being well, brotherly and stalking his sister Sonam Kapoor on Instagram

Arjun Kapoor Raksha Bandhan Trolls 3

He teased her about being clicked just casually walking out of a salon and then moved on to teasing his OTHER sister (remember - big Kapoor Khandaan!), Janhvi Kapoor about her recent runway debut at Lakme Fashion Week 2018.

Arjun Kapoor Raksha Bandhan Trolls 4

He cheekily posted a photo of her saying "Jahnvi Kapoor's expression when she's pretending she likes working out over eating!"

He then moved on to applauding sisters Anshula and Khushi about their lightning-speed outfit changes at the Lakme Fashion Week. FYI the sisters were attending LFW to extend their support to sister Jahnvi who was walking the ramp for the first time.

Janhvi even commented on his post about Anshula and Khushi asking her bhai to do a post about her too! Check it out:

Arjun Kapoor Raksha Bandhan Trolls 1

At this point, it was clear that he was feeling the whole Raksha Bandhan vibe so he decided to give a shout out to his other sisters Rhea and Shanaya Kapoor to get out of the house and get clicked so his feed would have photos of them!

Arjun Kapoor Raksha Bandhan Trolls 2

There, you're all caught up on the Kapoor khandaan Raksha Bandhan drama now.

Brothers, I tell you! How annoying...Sorry, I meant adorable (I swear!). Oops, my bad. I love you, brother (better get me a good gift tomorrow)! And we love you, Arjun Kapoor!

Can't wait to see what tricks he has up his sleeve for Raksha Bandhan tomorrow!

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