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A Twitter User Just Called Arjun Kapoor A Molester & He Had The Perfect Response!

A Twitter User Just Called Arjun Kapoor A Molester & He Had The Perfect Response!

Arjun Kapoor is one actor, who has zero tolerance for nuisance and nonsense. He has always stood up for what he thinks is right and more importantly, he has stood up for his family and friends every time they were mercilessly trolled by the media on various platforms.

He's the big brother every sister would love to have. For all the times Janhvi Kapoor was trolled on Twitter, Arjun has defended her and given it back to the haters.

This is definitely not the only time he's been protective. 

Recently, Parineeti Chopra took to Twitter to announce the release of a song from her and Arjun's upcoming film Namaste England. A user commented something obnoxious about the still from the song.

The user called Arjun a 'molester' in his comment. Arjun slammed him by giving a befitting reply.

The actor has always respected women, both his co-stars and fans. He's stood up for women's safety and is loved by fellow industry celebs along with his fans immensely for being vocal about such issues.

Remember the whole Deepika Padukone versus a national daily controversy where there was a zoomed-in picture of the actress from an inappropriate angle on the front page of the newspaper accusing her of wearing vulgar clothes?

At the press conference of Finding Fanny, she and Arjun Kapoor were patiently answering all questions posed by the media until a woman asked Deepika why she overreacted to that article. This not only angered Deepika but Arjun too. Pissed at the reporter, Arjun said, "Can someone please pan the camera towards this lady here who has asked this extremely ridiculous question? You're a woman, how can you say this?"

Arjun has always questioned trollers and haters every time they've acted insensitively around him or his closed ones.

You go, Arjun! We love you!

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Published on Sep 12, 2018
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