Touchwood! Arjun Kapoor Being All Proud Of Khushi & Janhvi Is The Cutest Thing Ever

Touchwood! Arjun Kapoor Being All Proud Of Khushi & Janhvi Is The Cutest Thing Ever

Since Sridevi's untimely demise, both Arjun Kapoor and Anshula Kapoor have stood like rocks with Khushi and Janhvi. It is rather beautiful to see how the Kapoor siblings have supported each other in the last few years. It was just recently that the actor opened up about his bond with his stepsisters and talked about how he has found friends and siblings in them. All this while, Arjun has also talked about how their relationship is quite new and that they are still learning things about each other.

Well, seems like the big bro is loving the entire idea of sharing his life with three sisters now and is extremely proud of each one of them. Talking about the treen in a recent interview, he shared how all of them have influenced him profoundly. He also added that he is very proud of the women they have grown into. 

Talking about Janhvi, he shared, "She is very curious and unlike what I had expected her to be because she comes from a lineage of being told that she is going to be the next big thing in the world. She wants to learn, she wants to level up, she wants to get better."


As for Khushi, it is her "calmness" and poise that he is really proud of. He admires how she manages to maintain her 'understated confidence' and individuality despite the constant media attention and public gaze. "The way she dresses and behaves, she is not trying to fit in, that's a nice quality to have, even though she has the world staring at her all the time," said the actor. When it comes to sister Anshula, it is her 'straightforward and honest' attitude that he admires. In fact, he feels these are exactly the qualities that he needs in his life and profession. 

Well, isn't it really heartwarming to see the Kapoor siblings bonding, growing closer by the day, and learning so much from each other? *Touchwood* 

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