“Somebody F*cking Fix This Mic” - Arijit Singh Has An Oops Moment On Stage...

“Somebody F*cking Fix This Mic” - Arijit Singh Has An Oops Moment On Stage...

Arijit Singh, the popular Bollywood playback singer, has been known for creating music that has your heart sighing. From Tum Hi Toh, to Samjhawan, that man has struck a romantic chord that we did not even know we had within us. He was the chocolate boy for our ears, but it looks like the chocolate boy just melted in anger!

As Arijit starts his performance in the YouTube video that has surfaced, I can't help but think that his voice is a bit off-tune. The way he starts Nadaan Parindey, a song that always has me tearing up, I sense that he is not having his best singing day today. But before I have the time to get my thoughts together, Arijit screams (right after piya ke milan ki aas...) "Somebody f*cking fix this mic" and my head goes 'whoa, that escalated quickly'!

A singer suddenly going off track and creating a scene is not a situation unknown to us. But it always makes us wonder what caused it. Sure, it's probably just a bad day for Arijit but there is only one thing that gets rumour mills going faster than a tantrum thrown in front of thousands of people, and that's when that tantrum also gets caught on camera!

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Frankly, we don't see what's the big deal about it. Arijit Singh had a bad day. And, just like every human being, trying to get through a bad day, Arijit vented. At a mic. Happens. We vent at inanimate objects, too. 

To all the people making a big deal out of the video, calm down. The famous singer is just as human as you and me. Give him a break and let him breathe! Let him have that moment. God knows he needed it. We all do! Take one, yourself!  

Featured Image: Arijit Singh on Instagram