Watch A.R. Rahman Become The First Indian To Appear In An Apple Ad!

Watch A.R. Rahman Become The First Indian To Appear In An Apple Ad!

It's no secret that music legend, A.R. Rahman has a slight obsession with taking selfies. Actually no, I'm being kind. It's a full-blown obsession! And we're actually all for it. He travels around the world and gets clicked almost everywhere because of his global appeal. To add to that, the composer loves documenting his travels so it only seems fair that he was the first Indian celebrity to be a part of an Apple campaign! His selfie featured in Apple's latest “Selfies on iPhone X” advertisement. 

Here's The Original:

And The Advertisement:

ar rahman ad

ar rahman ad 2

When asked by a leading newspaper about what he looks for in selfies, Rahman said,“Just reflect what you want others to feel… and make sure your face flirts with the light source.” Apple's most successful ad campaign so far has been the "Shot on iPhone" series which was an open invitation to its users to send in their best pictures. Crowdsourcing pictures, it helped Apple garner a stronger fan base, making it a people's phone and earning its users' loyalty. And now, after A.R. Rahman, Apple has officially stepped into the Indian market. We wonder who the next face of iPhone is going to be? A Bollywood celebrity? Or maybe a professional photographer? The truth is, with Apple's Think Different outlook, you never know. 

Image: Indian Express