Now You Will Be Able To Try Your Make-Up Before You Add To Cart!

Now You Will Be Able To Try Your Make-Up Before You Add To Cart!

The online shopping industry is booming right now. From grocery to beauty and skincare products to apparel to appliances, EVERYTHING is now available online. It is honestly a lazy girl's dream world up there and I am a very active member of this online shopping conglomerate. While I do get most of my things online, I can't somehow bring myself to buy make-up online. I'd still buy a mascara or an eyeshadow palette online but foundations and lipsticks are something that I need to buy in person. 

I need to know how it would look like on me, I also need to know what it would look like in different lighting. This concern becomes double when I am looking at shopping for luxe products. So, imagine my delight when I came across this phenomenal news!

The HUGE make-up empire L'Oreal wants to make their presence felt in the digital world and also make sure you KNOW what you're buying. So, they have acquired Modiface, the digital giant that is responsible for tying up with a lot of beauty brands that have given you apps that let you try their products virtually before you buy them actually. 

Modiface's AR tech has brought to you many apps and websites that let you try on various beauty products like Estee Lauder lipsticks or even lets you find your perfect brow shape with Benefit's brow finder. Their company has also created smart mirrors that allow you to try make-up looks in real time so you can envision what they would look like. 

The company previously worked with L'Oreal to create an app that allows you try on various hairstyles and colours on a selfie. Now that its developers and engineers are officially joining the Paris-based cosmetics giant, L'Oreal's hair products aren't the only ones getting the AR app. Modiface will, of course, run the course of their existing contracts with other companies, but thereafter their sole focus will be on creating digital experiences for L'Oreal's numerous brands. 

Now we don't know clearly if each brands are getting their own apps, but what we do know for sure is that you won't be spending a pretty penny BEFORE you know for sure what the product is going to look like on you. 

We're stoked about this development, are you?