Bae Appreciation 101: Taking Inspiration From PC's Birthday Wish For Nick & 7 Other Posts

Bae Appreciation 101: Taking Inspiration From PC's Birthday Wish For Nick & 7 Other Posts

Remember that time when Nick Jonas pulled Priyanka Chopra’s chair towards him just so they could be closer during a video interview? Well, yes, we too went all ‘awwwww! And honestly, we still do every time Nick declares that he can stare in Priyanka’s eyes forever or Priyanka drops one of her ‘husband appreciation posts.’

Rest assured, the two definitely know how to celebrate each other and that’s exactly why we ship this couple. Nick turned turns 28 today and no brownie points for guessing that Priyanka has already posted a sweet, adorable message for the hubby dearest on Instagram:

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My forever grateful for you @nickjonas

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Well, doesn't she always come up with the most adorable posts for her husband? In fact, Priyanka's prowess at all these posts got us thinking how awesome it would be if we took some inspiration from her caption game and celebrate our bae the same way! And folks, we have done just that by curating a list of bae appreciation captions posted by PC so as to make it easy for you to take notes. Scroll through:

Walk Down The Memory Lane

From that heady kiss to that epic meal, there are so many magical firsts in a relationship and time and again taking a stroll down the memory lane and celebrating them is the easiest way to keep the romance alive. Also, you can always directly lift phrases from PC's captions 'coz they are solid AF. Here's some inspiration from a recent post that was all about celebrating their first picture ever: "Every day since then you have brought me endless joy and happiness. I love you @nickjonas Thank you for making our life together so incredible. Here’s to many more date nights..."

Compliment Him

Owing to some archaic conventions, men seldom get as many compliments as women and here's your chance to do exactly that. Your bae deserves to feel appreciated and you can tots do it in PC-style by taking inspiration from this caption: "Honoured to be kissing the most stylish man on the planet.. may the style Gods always shine down upon u my love." Cute na? 

Dropping A Bae Appreciation Post Every Now & Then Never Hurt No One

Think bae's looking deliciously ripped of late or simply love their chestnut eyes and how they sparkle when they are happy? Do yourself a favour and tell bae how you happen to be their biggest fan. For inspiration's sake, here's how PC does it: "My forever valentine. He just happens to look like GI joe in those leather pants!! 😍 #husbandappreciationpost"

Tell Them How Meeting Them Has Been The Best Stroke Of Luck

These are tough times and the fact that your partner has been on your side in this testing phase calls for a gratitude post. Here's how PC thanked Nick in one of her quarantine posts: "To the greatest joy of my life. 2 years ago on this day you asked me to marry you! I may have been speechless then but I say yes every moment of everyday since. In the most unprecedented time you made this weekend so incredibly memorable. Thank you for thinking of me all the time. I am the luckiest girl in the world! I love you @nickjonas"

Show Them Off

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This guy. #Grammys2020

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Are you even in a relationship if your bae isn't the real MVP of your life? Well, we know they are even on days when you are out of words and are too overwhelmed to express just how special they are. On such days, post a baller picture of the two of your together and just leave a tiny heart and a heartfelt "This guy" like PC. This should do the trick!

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Thank Them For Finding You

There is no set formula to find love. Truth be told, more often than not, it is just dumb luck and that's why it is indeed a matter of great joy when you hit jackpot with the special someone. Of course, it calls for a celebration, to be thankful for the fact that the two of you found your way to each other. Here's how to do it PC style: "My promise. forever. You bring me joy, grace, balance, excitement, passion.. all in the same moment...thank you for finding me..Happy First wedding anniversary Husband.. @nickjonas ❤️💋
And Thank you to everyone for the love and good wishes. We feel blessed."

Tell Them How You Wish All The Happiness & The Best Things In The World For Them

In a healthy relationship, your partner really makes you the happiest version of yourself and that's exactly why they deserve all the happiness in the world as well. Wish it for them and here's how to express it too: "The light of my life. Every day with you is better than the last. You deserve all the happiness in the world. Thank you for being the most generous loving man I have ever met. Thank you for being mine. Happy birthday Jaan. I love you."

Oh bdw, happy birthday Nick Jonas!!!

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