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Ladies, Anushka Sharma Just Found You Your New Year's Eve Outfit!

Ladies, Anushka Sharma Just Found You Your New Year's Eve Outfit!

Less than a month to go for 2019 and we're on the hunt for THE New Year's Eve outfit. If you are too, you know what you're looking for - something that makes a statement, is sexy and has some sort of OTT detail or embellishment. 

Seems like Zero star Anushka Sharma has it all figured out or at least, she's helping us do it! The actress worked her magic in an all-black dress for a promotional stint on a TV show. Let me take this opportunity to extend a 'kudos' to Allia Al Rufai and her team for always doing a stellar job at making Anushka look like a high-fashion goddess. 

I mean, just look at this gorgeous outfit -


Image source: Instagram

This ATSU cami dress is going on our forever fashion wishlist. How could it not? Everything about this gown spells out 'essential' and you know it. Starting with the obvious... it's H2T black!

It's evident that black is THE colour of the season and it is here to stay. Second, the OTT detail we were referring to earlier - Anushka nailed that part with the black sequins, didn't she? They're subtle but they make one helluva statement. This is exactly the NYE vibe you want from your outfit, ladies. 

Also, something that you might not notice at first, the sequins start off small at the top and then get bigger and bigger as you move down. Très chic! 


Image source: Instagram

To keep it sophisticated, Anushka passed on jewellery and went with kohl-rimmed eyes and stylish wavy hair instead. Good call, huh? Whenever you're wearing a heavy outfit, follow Anushka Sharma's cue and skip any jewellery or statement accessory you had your heart set on. 

Go for crystal or pearly studs and maybe a sleek bracelet that won't take away from your smokin' New Year's Outfit. Carry a metallic clutch or evening back, strappy heels and you are ready to party your way into 2019!

Check these sequinned pieces out to ace your NYE OOTD: 


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