Anushka Sharma’s Frayed Yellow Skirt Is The *Chérie* On Top Of Her Airport OOTD

Anushka Sharma’s Frayed Yellow Skirt Is The *Chérie* On Top Of Her Airport OOTD

Is it just me or has Anushka Sharma totally upped her fashion game ever since #Virushka happened? Maybe it IS the positive outcome of her loving marriage with Virat or it's just her brilliant stylist, Allia Al Rufai?

Whoever it is - Virat OR Allia - we must admit, you've changed our lives. Anushka Sharma has just been on a roll lately and doesn't look like she is planning on stopping. Ever. The Bollywood actress nails everyday style like no other celebrity.

Her newest easy chic outfit is the latest entrant on our wishlist and you'll find out in 3, 2, 1 -

Virat, you might want to tighten security because this outfit might go missing from your wife's closet. Yes, we love that oversized sweatshirt THAT much. Jokes aside... What's not to love? It's wearable yet stylish and reads 'sweetheart' in French - chérie - in a cherry red. And also, is the comfiest thing you can wear on a 9-hour-flight to London!

Now, the sweatshirt we might be able to find a replacement for... but the skirt. Ohhhh, the skirt. Anushka paired her cool white sweatshirt with a relaxed straight-fit yellow midi skirt.

Not just any other midi skirt - this statement skirt had frayed fringe detail all over it. Tres chic! This quirky skirt is definitely the highlight of the outfit for us.

Her husband might be the better batsman out of the two but you've got to admit, Anushka's the one hitting it out of the park with her style. She accessorised her travel look with a classic tan tote bag and our favourite Puma sneakers in white. 

Yes, Anushka has mastered the art of street styling and this outfit is proof. While the sweatshirt is the ultimate casual piece, the skirt is sophisticated and worthy of being worn to a party. Together they make one hell of a street style look, don't they?

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