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I Like To 'Moov' It! Anushka Sharma's Sexy Photoshoot Turns Into A Hilarious Meme

I Like To 'Moov' It! Anushka Sharma's Sexy Photoshoot Turns Into A Hilarious Meme

Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma took to Instagram four days ago, to post a few pictures of her gorgeous outfit on Instagram. The actress was all glammed-up for an award function and couldn't help but share a few snaps of her Kim Kardashian-esque photoshoot. However, things took a turn as people started comparing her 'booty-pop' pose to a commercial for pain-relief balms. While the similarities between her pictures and Kim K's Insta posts were missed, people of Twitter and Instagram definitely picked up on the hilarity of the pose she was seen sporting and turned it into a meme. 

1. Photoshop Is The Internet's BFF

anushka sharma meme 01

Source: Instagram

2. Those Lower Back Cramps! 

anushka sharma meme 02

Source: Twitter

3. Can't Ever Not Pose

anushka sharma meme 3

Source: Twitter

4. Never Miss A Good Night Out!

anushka sharma meme 4

Source: Twitter

5. That Death Stare!

anushka sharma meme 5

Source: Twitter

6. Anushka's Next Endorsement Deal

anushka sharma meme 6

Source: Twitter

Who did it better, Kim Kardashian or Anushka Sharma? 

Anushka Sharma hasn't announced any project since her last film, Zero alongside Katrina Kaif and Shah Rukh Khan released in 2018. 

P.S. This is the same picture that Anushka Sharma's friend-enemy turned BFF, Deepika Padukone left a heart emoji on because she loved Anushka's look! 

Featured Image: Instagram

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