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The New Teaser For ‘Pari’ Is Out And Our Nightmares Have Just Begun!

The New Teaser For ‘Pari’ Is Out And Our Nightmares Have Just Begun!

It's official - Anushka Sharma can not only do absolutely anything she sets her mind to, she can also do it while blowing everyone's socks off! Her ability to constantly surprise us with her choices in films has left us in awe, and her latest venture is no different.

Both sneak-peek teasers of Anushka's much-awaited horror movie Pari created quite a buzz, and we were left utterly speechless (and mighty curious)! With all the scars, bruises, and eerily shot sequences, it revealed nothing of the plot, and yet scared the bejeezus out of us! 

The teaser for the movie is finally out, and we are intrigued! There is certainly the hint of a demonic possession involved, and Anushka's character is on the receiving end, making us believe she may just be the devil personified! The music lends the perfect eery, goosebump-inducing score to the teaser, and the last frame is everything I needed to see to know that this movie is going to be unmissable! Check it out!

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The official release date is slated for 2nd March, and honestly, I don't think I can wait that long!