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‘Save Your Sons From Turning Into Such Beasts…’ - Anushka Sharma

‘Save Your Sons From Turning Into Such Beasts…’ - Anushka Sharma

While the whole world celebrated New Year’s Eve on 31st December, it began on a horrifying note for several women in Bengaluru when their night turned into a nightmare. Many women were molested while their male friends and family members struggled to help them. This happened in the presence of many policemen in the area, who could do very little to help the women. They were groped and harassed, and this incident sparked an outrage across the country.
Anushka Sharma took a stand for the ‘mass molestation in Bengaluru’ case and posted a picture on her Facebook account. Anushka, who grew up in the city, shamed the people who just stood by watching and the people who have been victim blaming instead of taking a stand against sexual harassment. She urged parents to teach their kids to respect women. She wrote: ‘TEACH your kids to respect women instead of making sons feel more entitled and important. The world will make them feel that anyway. So save your sons from turning into such beasts.’ We totally agree with her. Everyone across the country is more interested in commenting about what the girls were wearing and why they were out there on the streets at night. Why does society always blame women, even when they are the victims? Why can’t we raise kids in a manner that they know they should respect women? Incidents like these put the whole country to shame, but some people have a ridiculous response. Instead of condemning it, some people just have one argument… ‘All men are not the same!’ Like seriously? Is this the issue we’re discussing here? This is high time that we stop victim blaming and making excuses instead of understanding the whole issue. Anushka Sharma’s powerful message is something that everyone should take inspiration from. Here’s the picture that she posted…
1 anushka sharma Image: Anushka Sharma on Facebook You go, girl! We know such powerful messages from our favourite celebs do make a difference. And we hope this kind of influence from Bollywood opens people's eyes and helps them in understanding the issue. B-town celebs like Akshay Kumar and Malaika Arora Khan also took a stand against the incident. We know that Bollywood does have an influence on people and we hope that such posts help change the mindsets of at least some people.
Published on Jan 6, 2017
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