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Anushka Sharma Says She And Hubby Virat Kohli Are Male & Female Versions Of Each Other

Anushka Sharma Says She And Hubby Virat Kohli Are Male & Female Versions Of Each Other

Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli are one couple who has made us believe in true love all over again. Their beautiful and intimate wedding in Italy had everybody enamoured and ever since then, we have been fans of Virushka. Every time we look at their stunning wedding pictures, we gush over them and for all the right reasons.




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But while everybody swoons over them, Anushka and Virat choose to remain tight-lipped when it comes to their personal life and their marriage. They have never really talked about it at length in public. They have given a few cute statements here and there, but that's about it. But recently during an interview for the promotions of her upcoming movie Sui Dhaaga, Anushka had some of the sweetest things to say about Virat and their relationship.

When she was told that she was married to the greatest batsman in the world, she quickly replied by saying that she was married to the greatest man in the world, which made us collectively go 'awww'. Apart from this, there was a lot of other cutesy stuff that Anushka said. Read on...

"We are both very awkward with the fame that we have we don’t embrace stardom and fame and that’s why, I think, we connect so much. We run away, sometimes, from these things. Sometimes, we find a need to be in our own cocoon. And that’s the reason why we are so self-sufficient." And further added, “And when I see self, I mean both of us because we don’t see each other as two different people. Him and me are male and female versions of each other."

That's so cute!!!




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And now coming to Virat, well, we have to say that he has always been slightly more vocal about his feelings for Anushka. A few years back, he had said in an interview:

"I believe in my relationship. I trust my relationship. I trust her. I trust in my relationship with her. That's why I spoke to the Board and persons concerned about my relationship and tried to make them realise why I need her to be with me during such an important tour. I conveyed my feelings about her to the people who needed to be informed. And they respected my decision. They respected the fact that I respect my relationship. At a human level, people understand when you try to be honest about a relationship. She is a part of my daily life. And that's a fact. That is a major part of my life. People need to understand that."

Awww! No doubt these two are one of our favourite couples! Just look at the amount of love they share with each other, it's truly heartwarming. 

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Published on Sep 20, 2018
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