Anushka Finally Replies To Rohit Sharma’s ‘Marriage Advice’

Anushka Finally Replies To Rohit Sharma’s ‘Marriage Advice’

Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli's wedding has been the highlight of December for a lot of us. As my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter feed flooded with information and memes about this hush-hush wedding, I knew this was one happy, warm event that wasn't going to be forgotten soon. The couple is now off to their honeymoon but that hasn't kept Anushka from replying back to her well-wishers. One of them is Rohit Sharma who had sent a piece of advice to Anushka. 

His cheeky wish ending with a 'keep the surname' had us laughing when we first read it. Rohit also just scored his third ODI double century, and so Anushka had the perfect reply for him!

We are waiting to see what Kohli has to say about the husband handbook. But until then, it looks like Anushka is the only one on a 'Thank You' spree. She has taken some time off her honeymoon and after a two-day gap replied to all those who had wished the couple a happy life. 

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And her gang of lovelies!

We love the fact that Anushka took out time to reply to all the people who couldn't be there at the wedding in person, but were there in spirit. Here's wishing the lovely couple a great married life, once again!

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