Student Turns Teacher: A Lesson From Ananya Panday In Slaying The Simplest Of Hairstyles!

Student Turns Teacher: A Lesson From Ananya Panday In Slaying The Simplest Of Hairstyles!

Our favourite Student of the Year just turned Teacher. Ananya Panday is giving us a lesson in hairstyling and we're NOT complaining. Ananya certainly seems to have everything going for her. She's got impeccable taste in all things beauty and fashion and If I was 19, I'd definitely stalk her social media regularly to get my daily dose of inspiration.

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The bubbly 19-year old loves makeup and highlighter is most certainly her BFF apart from her natural skincare regime. If there's something else Ananya always gets right, it's her hairstyles. While she doesn't experiment too much with her hair, her simple hairdos have certainly inspired us to try a teensy bit harder to have good hair days. 

Ananya recently chopped a few inches off her long locks and has been sporting this poker straight hairdo. While we love straight hair, there's one thing that makes straight hair more desirable. 

Glossy hair, anyone? 

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And that's a glossy sheen! Yes, you do need to have healthy hair from the inside out for light to bounce off your hair like that but you could always use a little shine serum. On days your hair feels a bit meh, use a pump or two of glossy hair serum to bring the lustre back. Try the Osmo Blinding Shine Serum (Rs 990).

Messy hair? You probably shouldn't care!  

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Ananya loves her beachy waves and so does the rest of the world. Bedhead hair is one of those universally acceptable hairstyles now and if you've got yourself a head full of hair that's in no mood to behave, you should just ride with it. The secret to having well behaved, frizz-free curls is hair serum mixed in with a little bit of curl cream.

It's a little trick I picked up from my hairstylist. The curl cream will enhance the natural texture of your hair while the hair serum will keep your hair from getting frizzy. Try mixing the BBLUNT High Definition Curl, Curl Defining Leave-In Cream (Rs 480) with Matrix Biolage Smoothproof 6-in-1 Deep Smoothing Serum (Rs 280) on the palm of your hands. Run this mixture along the ends of your hair and scrunch it up. This will revive your curls while keeping frizzy hair in check.

Top-Knots for the win!

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Top-knots make everything better, am I right? A topknot is an easy, chic hairstyle you should turn to when your hair is kinda dirty and you don't feel like a shampoo! Just spritz some Batiste Dry Shampoo (Rs 269) on your roots to take away any greasiness. Tie your hair into a cute little topknot and you're ready to take on the day! You can decide to wear your hair straight or use a curling iron to create some messy waves. 

Mermaid Braids for little miss fancy pants!

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If you'd like to step out of conventional hairstyles, a braided hairdo will definitely get you all that attention. Ananya's bubble braid is definitely one for the girl who loves to style her hair. While these hairstyles are typically harder to put into words, watch this easy hair tutorial to learn how to braid your hair like a pro!

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Images: Ananya Panday on Instagram

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